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Using loading table data

I am currently looking for load data with Unique for 40 S&W. I have 165 gr bullets and am finding a lot of data for 170 gr bullets. In some manuals they say you can move up a loading table and use the next table higher as loading data for a lighter bullet. Example use the 170 gr table for 165 gr.

What is the popular view on this and has this posed any problems for anyone.

Thanks in advance.
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Did you check the Alliant online load data. They have a load listed using Unique and a 165 gn speer gdhp. Generally speaking, what you suggest should be safe. All other things being equal, a heavier bullet will take less powder than a lighter bullet. You don't want to go the other way. That could get you in some trouble.
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Jim Watson
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It is ok.
If you can tell the difference between a 165 and a 170 grain bullet in typical bulk pistol ammo, you get the Princess and the Pea Award.
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With thin shoes, I can feel a pea sized rock under me shoes.

165 vs 170 grain is less important than that.
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With the usual warnings of not using a load too hot, etc....
This is for reference use only. I'm not a reloading manual.

But if I was, I would tell you....

According to the load data from my Lee die set Unique is 6.3-7.2 gr. with a 165 gr. XTP.

Alliant gives max load only for the Speer Gold Dot 165 gr. at 7.2 grains of Unique.
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What is the popular view on this and has this posed any problems for anyone.
OK, here is the rule of thumb, as the weight of the bullet goes down the weight of powder goes up.

As the weight of the bullet goes up, the weight of the powder goes down.

That being said, the load for a 170 grain bullet will be fine for a 165 grain bullet since it would normally use more powder.

HOWEVER !!!!!!! The min and max for a 40 S&W is not all that big and does not allow for much variation SO BE CAREFUL and test, test & test to be sure. You could end up with an UNDER pressure load. If you start in the MIDDLE of the powder weight for the 170 grain load, you should be safe.

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Should be fine, but just be sure it will feed with a full magazine jammed in it.
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thanks for all the replies, it has been helpful
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