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My woman knows what she likes, and also how to work for the things she wants. She gets no handouts, but loves to bring home the bacon to daddy and I have no problem doing the same.
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Mike / Tx
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I not only have the wife, but a daughter, and now three grandsons. when I purchase anything I simply plan ahead.

So far I have lost one 1991 A1, a Rem 700 in 25-06, a Rem 700 in .270, my 12 gauge, 410, a 22, and share everything else with the wife as she sees fit to want to shoot them. Least with her, everything is still available for me when I want to use it.

With the grandsons growing up and wanting their own stuff, looks sorta like I will be thinned out a bit more as time rolls on. Least they know when they get them, all the kinks are worked out.
Mike / TX
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chris in va
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She likes my 97b quite a bit. Her favorite was the Glock 21sf but I sold it.
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I wish. After 29 years together I have failed to get her interested in guns and shooting. She's gone to the range with me once or twice but that's it. She says she is still a little afraid of guns even though she's been around them since she met me. Before that, as her father is a hunter and gun owner.

I have bought her a couple of guns but they set in the safe unfired. I have urged her to practice with a defensive pistol and get a carry permit but she has zero interest in doing that. I worry because she's a prosecuting attorney (municipal court) who deals with some pretty scummy people at times who might come looking for her but she is apparently unconcerned.
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The first pistol I ever bought was a Springfield Loaded 1911. I love that pistol, I am a pretty decent shot with it and it just feels right in my hand. The first pistol I bought my wife was a Beretta Neos, her choice and another nice pistol. Well, I made the mistake of having her shoot the 1911 and now that is her bedside gun, her on the coffee table gun, in reality her gun.

The other day while she was at work I was open carrying it, cocked and locked, in a retention holster, and she came home and saw me with it. The first words out of her mouth even before Hi, or how was your day were "What are you doing carrying MY pistol?" I laughed and said "Um, dear, it is MY pistol."

I have begun looking for a new Springfield Loaded!
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My wife got me for my Beretta 92 and my Browning buckmark 22.So i did what any good husband would do-She got them and I went and bought a Beretta 96 and another Buckmark(With a little longer barrel)..
So I think both times it was a win-win..
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Although I have not lost any to her, I have gotten to buy her a duplicate of the ones she shoots well. We have been married over 20 years and I still get a kick out of her when she is shooting well. On a good day for her, I really have to be on my toes or I will get out shot.
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I finally had a chance to check back on this thread today, and I am still laughing after reading all of the stories that have been shared so far.

Thanks for sharing everybody. It made for a really good read.
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Unfortunately my wife does not like guns.
She sees a need for them,but that's it.
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tony pasley
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Not only to a spouse but several to kids after they got old enough.
'It has been said that politics is the
second oldest profession. I have learned
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to the first.' - Ronald Reagan
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michael t
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Lets see a M-1 carbine P-32 KelTec Kahr cw-9 a 2nd P-32 one for each side
A NAA 22/22mag little revolver . 1 Kimber 1911 I got it back and traded it Still hear about her Kimber I took from her. years later.

Also several knives have found way to her knife collection.
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When I got divorced about 25 years ago, my ex-wife demanded my 4" Diamondback .38 and 6" Diamondback 22. Hmmmph!
Never try to educate someone who resists knowledge at all costs.
But what do I know?
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Old May 25, 2014, 12:05 AM   #38
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Yep, the wife took the Ruger SR9...
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Old May 25, 2014, 06:26 AM   #39
Mike / Tx
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I mentioned above about the grandson's.

This past deer season the oldest (12) and I were sitting out on the bottom of a hill side at our farm when a nice big boar hog came strolling across the pasture towards us. I told him the 270 hadn't been checked at anything further than 100yds and I didn't know where it would hit out where the hog was. He had it sittin atop a hand held bi-pod and was dialed in on that hog. He kept saying I can take it pawpaw. Well the hog was coming but turned and started across and behind some big oak trees. I finally gave in and told him well go ahead, in my mind thinking he will shoot, miss, the hog will run off, and I will say see there smarty pants, you need to check these things before you just do them.

So the hog appears from behind the first big oak, he fired and dumped it on it's ear. All I could say was "good shot bud". I asked where he was holding and he said right on the front of his shoulder since he was walking. (you know the lead thing) I had seen that just as the trigger broke the hog did turn slightly away so didn't have a clue as to where he actually hit it. When we walked out the 255yds I lasered back, there was a nice entry right behind the hogs onside ear.

Well that was the start to our day. As it wore on and we were dressing out the hog and such, he asked hey do you have something that would reach out to where we first saw that hog? I said yep sure do, but your a bit light in the britches to be snugging up to it right now. He said well bring it up next trip and we'll see. Now this boy has been shooting since he was 3, got his first hog two weeks before his 4th birthday with reduced loads in a .308, and don't take "your not, or you can't" anything. So next trip I set him down behind my 7mm STW. He asked about where it was sighted and such, then settled the + on a clay pigeon at 100yds and dusted it. As he finished looking it over through the scope, his head turned real slow to look at me with a smile on it as big as this,

Bottom line, if you like it hide it and don't let anyone try it out. If so they will start to scheme away until they figure out your weak spot and in the blink of an eye it will be gone.... The scary part is the other two always have to try and outdo this one.
Mike / TX
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Old May 25, 2014, 08:01 AM   #40
Bob M.
Join Date: May 27, 2007
Location: Tampa, Fl
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I finally had a chance to check back on this thread today, and I am still laughing after reading all of the stories that have been shared so far.

Thanks for sharing everybody. It made for a really good read.
Same here. Great to see this stuff.
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Old May 25, 2014, 08:35 AM   #41
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My GF purchased her 1st three handguns on her own after I introduced her to shooting. She went from never having shot a firearm to raving maniac. I was with her each time but kept my mouth zipped until she had decided.

The only pistol she has ever "relieved" me of is my ultra-reliable P3AT. She decided that it was the easiest to carry for her, so she bought her own. When it had multiple FTE's, I was informed we'd be trading until I had it running right. Looking back, it was a pretty shrewd move on her part, as I carry that pistol when I go on my daily run. Having a j-frame rub me raw while I did 5 miles was enough incentive to get it fixed quickly.

I'm happy to report that old faithful is back in it's righteous place, but only after she had 50 trouble-free .380s thru the new one! Shes tough...
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Old May 25, 2014, 10:33 AM   #42
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Heading that way

I got my wife a special edition vaquero in .45 for her 45th B-day. Too much recoil for her and she's recently been on me to trade my SP-101 ruger.

I think that is sue has already been decided.
If I ever want another home cooked meal.
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Old May 25, 2014, 12:21 PM   #43
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Yeah via divorce--hope all works out for everyone here but I learned the hard way that one must contemplate all potentialities and make contingency plans accordingly. I had measures in place for theft, fire and the like but not for "unforeseen" vengeance and litigation...Of course, YMMV.

Happy Memorial Day and God Bless our Great Nation's Veterans.
NRA Life Member
“A free people be armed..."
George Washington
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Old May 25, 2014, 02:26 PM   #44
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And the other way around

So, my wife bought herself a DB9 today, but she works tonight. I'll just have to 'range test' for her, since it will be awhile before she can make it a range trip. Fits my pocket real nice.
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Old May 25, 2014, 03:40 PM   #45
Don P
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Seems 26 out of 28 somehow are hers now Luckily she lets me shoot a few now and then
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Old May 25, 2014, 09:08 PM   #46
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My 637 Airweight seems to be mine no longer and is usually found in my wife's purse.
"He who laughs last, laughs dead." Homer Simpson
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Old May 25, 2014, 10:21 PM   #47
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Not married, however, years ago an old girlfriend of mine told me that I had to get rid of my guns if I wanted to marry her. I traded her for a different model.
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Old May 26, 2014, 02:42 PM   #48
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I am not married, so if my girlfriend wants one of my guns she can wait till Christmas or her birthday and I will buy her one just like it. She wouldn't like it very much if I started claiming her things as my own, especially without her consent.
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Old May 27, 2014, 02:01 PM   #49
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I almost forgot,,,

I almost forgot,,,
In the early 90's I worked out of town a lot,,,
My wife got scared when our neighbor went off his cookies,,,
We went looking and I bought a Ruger SP-101 for our bedroom gun.

She was somewhat anti-gun,,,
So a centerfire cartridge was out,,,
We settled on the .22 rimfire version.

She got the gun in the divorce,,,
Dang but I miss that little shooter!


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Wife confiscated my M&P9 but...... won't let me sell her SP101. I hate that, now she wants both guns.
NRA member, DCF&S member, PAFOA member, USPSA member

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