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Old January 4, 2014, 06:42 PM   #726
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Hit a local gunshow today.
There was a bit of .22 rimfire, but prices are still very high. Some bricks of Centurion were at $75, even Remington Thunderbolt was $50 for 500.
Don't need any that bad.

I did pick up 500 rnds of PMC Bronze .40S+W 165gr FMJ for $160.

I've done a fair bit of business with the guy that I bought the 40 ammo from. (I buy most of my ammo from him). He said there were issues with the new distributor for the Mexican ammo, which is why he didn't have any. He will be meeting with them at the SHOT show and was cautiously optimistic that things would be sorted by spring. Take that for what it's worth, but that's what he said.
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Old January 6, 2014, 11:36 AM   #727
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Here in Central Tennessee, supplies of factory ammo are beginning to build up. Tennessee Gun Country's shelves were a bit empty, but Clarksville Guns and Archery had a wide supply - of everything but .410 shotgun shells.

I'm fortunate to live in the same city which Midsouth Shooters Supply is based. I can order online and drive to their door to pick up reloading components and supplies at wholesale prices. Unfortunately, their inventory is incredibly low on powders, primers, brass and bullets. Interestingly enough, I can drive to Christiana, TN and buy nearly anything I need at the Outpost Armory. Great place for anyone in Central Tennessee and Northern Georgia to buy supplies. Tons of guns, ammo and reloading components in stock - plus they are the most knowledgable LGS in the area.
Michael Noirot
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Old January 8, 2014, 01:08 AM   #728
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Here in CT Walmarts are still hit or miss on ammo. The one closest to me tends to almost always have common pistol and rifle calibers in stock. Others not so much.

I cannot find .22 ANYWHERE in a brick and mortar store. I have not seen any for sale since the Newtown shooting. Resellers are buying up any .22 they can find and selling it on Armslist for $75/525.

LGS got a full pallet of .380 a while back and still had some left of it as of a week or so ago. All other common calibers of handgun ammo sell out there as fast as it hits the shelf. Self defense ammo is all they usually have.

Dicks tends to have ammo frequently but at prices much higher than other stores. Dicks also enters your permit info into their computer every time you buy ammo. No other store in CT does this. (we have to show a permit to buy ammo since October) A lot of people including myself wont buy from Dicks due to them using our new laws to build a database of permit holders and the amounts of ammo they purchase.

I think the shortage will last longer here in CT than it will last in the rest of the country. With the oppressive gun laws passed here last year everyone is buying guns and ammo as fast as they can. I went to the range last week when the temps were in the teens figuring it would be a ghost town. It was packed with people and most seemed to be new shooters.

Everyone here is worried what this year will bring in terms of more laws restricting gun and ammo ownership so everyone who has any spare money is pouring it all into shooting related purchases.

Oh...and oddly it seems NOBODY is hoarding shogun ammo. Everywhere I go there is shotgun ammo piled high. Walmart has so much it wont even fit in the case and they just leave it out in the open. LGS has it by the pallet out on the sales floor.

I just got into reloading. Im not getting caught short again when the next panic comes along.
Now if only I could find some powder.......
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Old January 10, 2014, 04:27 PM   #729
Glenn E. Meyer
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Bass Pro had lots of Federal Target Grade 22 LR 325 boxes. For 19.95 each.

Also, lots of 9mms, 223s, 40s and 45s. Academy was swimming in 223, reasonable amounts of the other calibers - didn't see 22LR.
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Old January 11, 2014, 12:59 PM   #730
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.22lr insanity

While Gander Mountain has Federal 525 round bulk packs for $24.99, and my LGS has Winchester 525 round bulk packs for $30.00, on the Wisconsin surplus auction people are bidding insane amounts to get Remington .22lr bulk packs.

There are 3 lots of Remington .22lr up for auction. There are 2 - 500 round boxes of 40 grain that are currently going for $205.00. There are also 2 lots of 2 - 525 round boxes of 36 grain hollow points. One is going for $230.00 and the other for $225.00.

All I can say is people are insane to pay that much for .22lr ammunition. Yes, it is the free market and in an auction the buyer definitely sets the price but I will not apologize for thinking these people are idiots. Especially when I can go buy 7 boxes from Gander or my LGS for less.

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Old January 11, 2014, 10:05 PM   #731
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I'm starting to see .22LR show up in the area gun stores. Prices are still high, but I expect them to come down as availability improves.
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Old January 12, 2014, 07:50 PM   #732
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There are 3 lots of Remington .22lr up for auction.
I sure hope he has better luck with Remington than I do. Last box I bought was about 20% FTF.
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Old January 12, 2014, 09:45 PM   #733
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I bought a case of Remington 9mm 115gr back in September. About 25% of the case was dameged. So I emailed Remington and sent back the damaged ammo. Within two weeks, I found another 1000rd case waiting for me when I got home from work. For what I paid for the first case, plus the second case, my cost ended up being around $6/50.

If you have any trouble with Remington ammo, contact them. They more than took care of me.

Stopped by The Fin in Ashland, OH today and they were loaded with bricks of 22lr. They were "selling" them for $29.99/525 Federal 36gr. and $39.99/500 Champion 40gr. Limit 1 per person.

They also had signs up limiting customers to 500rds of 22lr. But you could by them in any combination.
50rd - limit 10
100rd - limit 5
500rd - limit 1

I only saw bricks but the shelves were full. I'd say things are looking better.
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Old January 13, 2014, 03:03 AM   #734
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For anyone in Central Tx Austin area. There is a lgs in Liberty Hill tx that has a good selection of powders, primers and bullets. Prices are a little high but for anyone having trouble finding any, this might have what you need. They are located on Hwy 29 in liberty hill.
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Old January 13, 2014, 09:05 AM   #735
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OK, what the heck?!?

Folks, this is pathetic.

Here it is, January 2014. No matter WHERE I look, I can NOT find .22 ammunition for sale.

Well, maybe I should not say I can't find it--but the box of CCI mini-mags I DID find, was $16.00--for a box of 100!

That's $8.00 for 50 rounds. Folks, I will pay that for Eley Pistol Match, SK Jagd/Wolf Match (both the same thing), or maybe CCI Green Tag. But NOT for plinking rounds!!

What the heck! This is REALLY getting ridiculous. Does anyone have any insight or information?
Hiding in plain sight...
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Old January 13, 2014, 09:10 AM   #736
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+1....just trying to get the scoop.

Doesn't somebody who works for an ammo maker post on this site?

Can you add ...22LR to the tote to attract the right people?
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Old January 13, 2014, 09:54 AM   #737
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I don't know how true it is, but I was at my LGS recently looking for .22lr ammo. The guy behind the counter said the only reason .22 is still hard to find was the ammo manufacturers either stopped or slowed .22 production during the last AWB scare. It would make sense given the demand for AR, AK, and hangun calibers. I imagine the .22 shortage will be ending soon. I've been seeing every other caliber and at normal prices.
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Old January 13, 2014, 10:23 AM   #738
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When .22s started to get scarce and pricey, I was motivated to find a substitute.
Since the idea of using .22 was mostly for inexpensive practice and trigger time, air guns looked like a reasonable alternative.
I had been always using an airgun during bad weather to try to keep sharp, so it wasn't much of a stretch.
The licensed and very realistic blowback versions seemed to be worth investigating.
After acquiring the first one, an airsoft model, it became obvious that .22 could easily be replaced with airguns.
I now have eight of them. airsoft and pellet versions, and am not even tempted to bother getting my .22s dirty.
It just isn't necessary.
The air guns, both pistol, revolver and rifles, are so authentic these days, the shortage and high price of .22 ammo just isn't even a concern.
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Old January 13, 2014, 11:25 AM   #739
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^^^And that my friends, is the attitude that will stop this crazy .22 crap.

Let .22's set on the shelf and let those that are trying to sell a brick of .22's for $50-$75 choke on them.

Find something else to shoot.

Spent the day yesterday shooting a couple inline m/l'ers and today, in about 15mins,. will get out the caplocks and sling some round balls.

I'd get into knife throwing or shooting a sling shot before I'd pay some of the stupid prices I've seen on .22's.

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Old January 13, 2014, 12:18 PM   #740
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.22 ammo score last night.

After months of searching I finally ran across two 1000 round boxes of Winchester m-22 ammo. There were 4 boxes on the shelf and two people in front of me. They each only purchased one box, so I was able to pick up the other two @ $55 each, I've accumulated a good bit of .22 ammo over the past 8 months or so and every single round has come from walmarts. The trick to it is going to Walmart three times a day. In my case I cut grass for a living so I am able to stop by the local walmarts a few times a day, Walmart is the way to go, you just have to know when to show up.
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Old January 13, 2014, 03:10 PM   #741
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A Little North of DFW...

Yesterday at Best Pawn in Sherman, TX... several cases of 9mm PMC 115gr FMJ priced at $255/1,000.

It's the first time in a year or so that I've seen a retailer selling BULK quantities of ordinary 9mm practice ammo AT RETAIL, WITHOUT charging an arm and a leg for it... and the boxes WEREN'T leaping out the door.

Still no .22, though.
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Old January 14, 2014, 06:15 PM   #742
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I lucked up on .22 ammo ..

I had notifications on for basically any .22's from Midway USA. I sponsor a local boyscout group to shoot .22's. I was running seriously low. I got the notification yesterday that Federal American Eagle 40gr. high velocity was in stock in the 5000 round case. It cost me $223 shipped. So just a heads up keep the Midway notifications on. You need to be quick, this sold out in 3 minutes, but it pays off.
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Old January 14, 2014, 06:49 PM   #743
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Lucky you!
I have never been able to be at the computer when the e-mail shows up to able to snag the deal.
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Old January 14, 2014, 06:50 PM   #744
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I too have noticed the past few days that midway has has some in stock via gunbot. I used to get notifications from them and would immediately click the link in the email and it was already sold out, so I gave upon them. Keep an eye on cabelas very early in the morning. I lucked up and found (2) 1000 rounds of Winchester m22 at Walmart two nights ago. That puts me at around 12,000 rounds total. I feel more comfortable about shooting my 22's now.
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Paintings were made to look at, and guns were made to be shot. If you aren't going to use them as they are intended for, get rid of them and buy a Picasso.
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Old January 14, 2014, 06:52 PM   #745
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Good on you for sponsoring the kids.

I found 300 rounds of Winchester from Cabela's a few weeks ago.
My brother is a Boy Scout leader and was asking me if I had any, so I sent it his way for the kids to shoot.

12,000 rounds? I have about 120 on hand, and not finding anything
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Old January 14, 2014, 11:33 PM   #746
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I too lucked out a few months ago when I found 2100 rounds of Federal 22LR in a brand spanking new military grade ammo can on Cabela's web site for $99. I have refused to pay any jacked up prices though all this and on occasionally will get my paws on some.
I just wish other shooters would just stop paying $75 for a brick from these vampires and everything would settle down soon.
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Old January 15, 2014, 12:17 AM   #747
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About six months ago I had a 525 brick in checkout and I entered the wrong password and by the time I re-entered my password they took it out of my checkout window. Missed it by seconds. Somebody at midway took it out of my checkout window right before my eyes. I watched it disappear, oh the horror!
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Old January 15, 2014, 06:42 AM   #748
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12000 rounds?! No no wonder there is none on the shelves.
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Old January 15, 2014, 07:55 AM   #749
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I missed out on the federal champion cases for 194. They were sold out in under 5 minutes, because I checked it 5 minutes after the email came and they were out
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Old January 15, 2014, 07:59 AM   #750
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a guy in our sportsmans club boasts that he has 27000 rounds of 22lr.
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