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Puma 1892

Got this 1892 clone a few months back and finally took a few photos of it. I was looking for one of these for quite awhile but didn't want to shell out the cash for a new one and I was really hoping to find one of the older models without the goofy safety on top. I walked into my local gun shop and spotted this one on the rack and the price was right so I took it home. I had read a lot of complaints about the quality of these rifles and how rough the actions were but I was pleasantly surprised when I cycled this one. It needed a little bit of breaking in but after spraying the internals with some white lithium grease and cycling it a few times it is extremely slick. The fit and finish is very good and the stock looks better than most Rossi's I've seen. I may upgrade the sights at some point since the factory sights aren't the greatest but otherwise I'm happy with it.

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Nice rifle. I have one in 45LC also and it's a fine shooter.

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1st nice looking rifle, I like the nickle/stainless steel look.. against the wood..

Do you think now that you have it, you will undergo the effort/expense of removing the upper safety?????

Or will you just live with it????

Have resisted purchasing such rifles because of that safety, and just do not know how much I should let it bug me???
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It would gripe me to no end.
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Bill Akins
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Chuck Conners (The Rifleman) used large loop, modified Puma 92's in 44-40 in the t.v. series, as well as Win 92's. Real nice one you got there. I would consider changing out the very sharp front sight though or putting a hood over it since it is easy to cut yourself with it.

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Do you think now that you have it, you will undergo the effort/expense of removing the upper safety?????

Or will you just live with it????
I can live with it for now but if I decide to take this rifle hunting this year I will probably replace it with one of those stainless plugs I've seen for sale. It won't really improve the aesthetics much but at least I won't have to worry about engaging the safety by accident.
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Do yerself a favor, and replace the bolt-top safety with a drop-in peep sight from .

A taller front sight might be needed to zero the rifle, but it's easier than D/T'in the top of each receiver side rail for a Williams 5D or FP peep meant for the Winchester 94AE.

The receiver metal is one of the HARDEST I've ever had to do.

A plus for the 94AE sight, though, is that a taller front sight won't be needed to zero, since that particular peep sight carries the aperture lower than other peep sights.

You'll still need a low-profile replacement plug, owever, to clear the underside of the peep sight's horizontal bar as the bolt closes.

I made my own plug in 30mins, by turning down a scrounge box Remington crossbolt safety button in a hand electric drill with a file held against the spinning button.

In the right-most pic above is the completely turned plug (RH end), ready to be cut apart from the un-used part (LH end) of the safety button.

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Old November 18, 2013, 12:49 AM   #8
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nice one OP

anyone try the stevesgunz replacement plug for those goofy little bolt safety? I just got my rifle this Friday and it's already bugging the heck out of me just being there
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I've got the exact same gun and caliber

the accuracy surprised me the most. It still has the trajectory of a thrown softball, but out to a hundred yards it works just fine. Mine has the safety that I've learned to live with.

It's a huge favorite with people that have limited or no experiance with guns when I introduce them to shooting.
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anyone try the stevesgunz replacement plug for those goofy little bolt safety?
Yes. I found the factory safety to be poorly executed as it can easily be accidentally moved from safe to fire and vice versa. Better just to keep the chamber empty until you are ready to fire. Of course, you don't need to remove the safety in order to do that, but it is still kind of ugly.

Old safety comes off with the removal of one pin, Steve's replacement pops right in.
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