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.45 acp question

So i loaded 10 .45 acp today and they wouldnt cycle in the gun. Is there such a thing as too much flairing? I crimped them which should smash it back down right? Any help would be useful. I also found that on my recently aquired brass that some was small primers and some large. Do i have o change powder loads with small and large primers? Have never run into this issue before.
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More info would be helpful.
What bullet?
What OAL?
What does the crimp measure?
What gun?
What dies?
Are you seating and crimping in the same step, separate step, with the seating die or with a dedicated crimp die?
Did you try the plunk test?

"Smash" is an ugly word when it pertains to the reloading world.
Your crimp should be just enough to remove the flare plus a thou or two more.

LPP and SPP use the same data.
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You definitely want to separate out the brass by primer size before you load it, try and jam a large primer into a small primer hole and problems will arise.

Should use the same powder and charge, though.
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Use as little flare as possible and a light crimp behind it , this round headspaces on the case mouth , I had the same problem at first ,I reduced my flare to a minimum and just applied a light crimp , now they feed better than factory ammo. Good luck ...........LOUD
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Misssissippi Dave
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More information would help a lot. When the first round feeds properly and fires. You are part way there. The gun not cycling the next round normally is a result of too low powder charge. When using minimum or close to minimum powder levels from the data you are referencing often it isn't enough to cycle a pistol with a standard factory slide spring. This is why you work your load up to a point it will cycle the pistol and then start looking for accuracy.

Like most people loading .45 I expand the mouth of the case only enough to let the bullet set on it and not fall off while I seat it. I taper crimp enough to remove the flair I place on the case. With soft bullets crimping enough to push the case mouth into the bullet isn't a good thing. I prefer jacketed bullets since it is more difficult to get the crimp wrong.
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"Smash" is an ugly word when it pertains to the reloading world.
Yeah, ''smashing'' isn't something you want to be doing.
Someone could help if you give some information about your components.
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I had that problem once of failure to feed and failure to extract. After investigating I found the loaded round would not fit in a Wilson case gage- most probably because the bullets measured 0.4535" (with Mitutoyo calipers) and I was using once fired CCI & Win. brass. Went to R-P brass and all was fixed - at least to the point that it allowed me to then use-up the rest of those .4535" hard cast lead bullets one full magazine at a time.
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If you don't have a case gauge remove the barrel from your gun and use it as a case gauge. You should be able to determine what is wrong. I load cast bullets and no matter what I do I have a few that won't go in my gauge. So far the defects all chamber in my autos but they don't all chamber in my 625 revolver, it has tight chambers. Remington brass seems to be thinner than the others, they all seem to pass in the gauge. Cast bullets are usually .452 vs .451.
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Old May 4, 2013, 10:34 AM   #9
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Also, double check that you're not bulging the cases when you crimp. It can be a bit difficult to see it so a micrometer is your friend.

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Old May 4, 2013, 12:37 PM   #10
Uncle Buck
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I had to do what Pete2 said. I could not get them to chamber. Turns out the brass I was reloading had a slight bulge towards the bottom of the case.

I full length resized all the brass and.... Wow! I love my .45 ACP now.
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Get a good loading manual (Lyman's is a good one) and start reading. There will be allot of good info for you.
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Yes you can use the same powder charge. Are you seating and crimping at the same time? Until you have the seating die set correctly you can be bulging the case when seating and crimping at the same time.
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I didnt know 45acp came in two primer sizes, why?

Which one are which (manufactures)?
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Old May 5, 2013, 08:24 PM   #14
Misssissippi Dave
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The newer Blazer ammo, Federal Champion, Win NT are some of the ones I know of using small primers. There are probably others as well.
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