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Digging the LCR .22LR

When Ruger first introduced the LCR in .38 and .357 I was not impressed. I have since read good things about them but still would not really want one. However when they came out with it in .22 that was enough to peak my interest. I picked one up the other day and the more I shoot it the more I like it. Groups well and very close to point of aim. I am still not happy with the direction that Ruger has gone since the old man died and this gun is far from what I have come to expect from Ruger during my lifetime. I own more Rugers than any other brand of firearm and most of mine are dated fifteen years or so in the past. I like this gun and it will serve its purpose if it holds up. I only have about two hundred rounds thru it so we will see. I sure am glad that I came along at a time when Ruger was what it was when I started buying them, circa 1977.

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The LCR-22 is great training with. I would never own the 38/357 after shootign the 22lr though. I have had the trigger failed to reset on me a few times during rapid fire. I just wish I could get those houge grips on my S&W642, I hate the metal backstrip on mine -.-
Has Taurus really spent more on shipping customers their firearms back to them than actual sales?
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I like my LCR-22.
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. 22 lr revolvers must have longer barrel than ruger lcr has. This gun was made for self defense use, so only 38 special and 357 mag. Are enough powerful. This gun isn't for plinking oe target shooting. Also the cylinder of the .22 looks afwul.

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Why isn't it for pinking or short range target shooting, and why couldn't it be used for self defence. Seems to me to fit the criteria for a camp gun/ trail gun/ walkabout gun/snake gun/ tackle box gun or what ever. " Be a man and get a .357 b", Jeeze Louise
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It is a FUN gun.

I got it just for shooting around the house. Goes well with my other four Ruger .22's. I got a MkII, a 22/45, a bearcat, and a Single-Six. As far as bigger calibers go, I have a speed six in .357, a Service Six in .357 and a Redhawk in .44 magnum. I like me some Rugers. Almost forgot the GP-100 and the Blackhawk .45. Yep like me some Rugers.
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Mine went back to Ruger with a bad trigger and cylinder not closing properly. They said it could not be fixed so they are sending me a new one.

Three issues and I only took it out one time (button screw also backed out). I'm not taking anymore chances with these LCRs. The new one will be sold as new-in-box so my conscience will be clear as it is passed on.

I know some really like there's, but three totally different issues on a brand new revolver is the same as "three strikes" in my book. No way am I going to fire the new one. More value selling it "new-in-box".

I probably got a lemon, but I don't want to find out.
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lcr followup

that is too bad about your lcr 22lr being a lemon. im happy with mine, and find its trigger smoother than my sw 317 22lr, but a tad less accurate, which stands to reason since the sw has a longer barrel: 3" vs 1 7/8". i had a taurus 94 22lr and happily sold it, the trigger was virtually impossible to pull double action. now im looking hard at a lcr 22mag but everything that i read says the 22mag loses too much power coming out of a snubbie, such as the lcr. i already have a ruger single six combo in 22lr and 22mag, so i stockedpiled some ammo. i prefer not to buy yet more, albeit new defensive, 22mag ammo, so will probably defer buying the lcr 22mag, but i could be convinced otherwise.
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Old March 12, 2013, 07:53 AM   #9
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Marano: I would argue that Ruger is pretty much what they have always been: A company that builds rugged guns that are innovative and makes them so the common man can afford them. That LCR 22 should last you a lifetime. Times change. Ruger has made appropriate changes. Sometimes the more things change the more they stay the same: that's Ruger.

9mm: Usually the problems with trigger reset are operator error. I'm not saying yours was, as I obviously don't know.

RJay: Great post!

I have the 357, and it is amazing. It shoots sub 3" groups at 20 yards when I do my part. That's amazing for a gun with a 1.875" barrel. But the recoil is stout. I mostly shoot 38 spls in mine because of that.
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Old March 14, 2013, 04:29 AM   #10
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I bought a LCR 22 in January, added a LaserMax laser to aid my poor eyesight and now have a very accurate, 8 shot revolver that can serve either as primary or BUG. All for a total investment of $500. Trigger takes getting used to but after a couple bricks, I believe Ruger does it right.
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Old March 14, 2013, 05:51 PM   #11
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For those here that will be carrying this nouveau tough snub, with what would you be loading her? Solids, Velocitors Stingers?
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I'm just the opposite . . . I have a .357 LCR for CCW and I like it for that - not the prettiest revolver but I like the lightweight of it and how it shoots. The 22 LCR doesn't really do much for me and I'll probably never own one. I have a number of Rugers . . . love them all but for myself, for shooting 22s, I much prefer my MK III Target or for general plinking, I have a vintage Super Bearcat. I just have never been that thriiled with DA revolvers and much prefer SA style revolvers. If I'm going to spend what they get for the 22 LCR - I'm going to spend it on something that isn't DA only - just my preference. On the other hand, for CCW (for myself and my preferences) I chose the 357 LCR because it ws DA only - primarily for safety reasons. And the trigger on mine is very nice. But . . . like anythng else - Chevy or Ford? It's different strokes for different folks.
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My dailey carry is a LCR in 38. It is an easy choice, light small and for the most part rust resistant. I am thinking about grabbing one in .22 for plinking. I did not care for the looks of any LCR at first but it had grown on me.
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like'n mine...

Have the LCR 357...amazing shooter, even tho I have other options to carry, the LCR is always handy and around....I reload and very cheap to shoot, lot's of lead available, I don't have to chase the brass.
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Digging the LCR .22LR

Originally Posted by x-five View Post
. 22 lr revolvers must have longer barrel than ruger lcr has. This gun was made for self defense use, so only 38 special and 357 mag. Are enough powerful. This gun isn't for plinking oe target shooting. Also the cylinder of the .22 looks afwul.
This may be the most ridiculous post I have ever seen

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It might look "awful" to some, but it seems to work. The brass sticks in mine sometimes.
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