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I have three per handgun. I like to have the extras in case I have one fail on me in the middle of defending myself. I can always drop the mag, clear the gun and load a new mag in one fell swoop and keep going. That's why I carry the extras.
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I have 6 for my S&W 469 and counting, I buy them when I can because they're starting to get scarce and expensive. My RIA .45 I have 10 and 3 speedloaders for all my revolvers.
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Old March 24, 2012, 12:10 AM   #54
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I only use 1911s.
I have forty mags from two companies, Wilson and Metalform for them.
Have you filled an empty .50 cal. ammo can with them yet? If not, you don't have enough.
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I have 4 mags for most of my pistols but I have 8 for my 22 pistols as I use speed clip loader. It is nice to have a few but you really need at least 3 in my book. It is all what your point of view is...
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I have 3 for my S&W SD9, plus 3 more on order. If the SD9 actually has been discontinued, I might wish for more...
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How many magazines do YOU have and why?
I've well more than 500 various magazines for my roughly 100 firearms...100 are for my 20 or so 1911's.

No certain why I have so few...sorry...
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hardhat harry
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I always carry a backpack when I go to the mall. I carry 10 -15 round magazines for my Glock 22. I carry a Glock 27 as a BUG and a Sig 238 on my ankle. I also carry 10 Throwing Stars in a pocket on the backpack. I carry 5 boxes of Winchester PDX1 12 guage shells for my shotgun also stored in the backpack and 2 days supply of Ready to Eat meals in case the bad guys take the Mall over and hold everyone hostage. I also have two spare sets of batteries for my NVGs in case the Bad Guys cut off the power to the Mall and I need to.........
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I've well more than 500 various magazines for my roughly 100 firearms...100 are for my 20 or so 1911's
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One should have a lot of spare magazines. Why? Because sitting at a table full of magazines, loading them up while watching Last Man Standing is just so freakin' cool!

Having spare mags (beyond the semi-obligatory 1 spare) is a matter of your taste, the gun, its expected use, and availability.

Also, there is the matter of, if you are not using the most common mil-spec duty autopistols.

How many spares for that WWII Mauser HSc .32? I am still looking for one, that works. Have sent two back already, one that would not feed, and one that wouldn't even fully enter the mag well!

Had a basket of GI 1911 mags, found 8 that wouldn't drop free from my gun when empty....

How many spare mags for that Luger?

are there ANY mags for a 1919 Savege .32acp?

How about mags for anything other than current production guns? And the costs.....

Magazines do wear out. Springs are normally the first thing, but enough use and you get wear at the mag catch notch, feed lips, follower, maybe dings and dents in the body if you play rough (combat style) with your mags.

The semiauto pistol is a mechanism for launching bullets, combined with a mechanism for storing and getting ammo into firing position, all fitted with a handle you can hang on to. Magazines are the most vulnerable part of the gun, being both lightly constructed, and detatchable.

Having multiple spare mags is like having an extra gas tank, in that if you don't use it, its there for reserve, or you can run on both for extended range.

When it comes to long shelf life storage things like ammo and mags, the only way you can have too many is when your storage areas crowd out your living space, you have to reinforce the floor, the kids go hungry, and they shut off your lights.

Because reality is, that there is a real possibility of not being able to get more, when and as you want it. So, if it comes to pass you want/need more, and you can't get it (for any of a thousand reasons) you either do without, or take some out of storage.
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One should have a lot of spare magazines. Why? Because sitting at a table full of magazines, loading them up while watching Last Man Standing is just so freakin' cool!
In addition to this, in October the return of The Walking Dead will be here.

I for one, will be ready!
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Never said springs heal with rest but springs under constant tension that are not designed as such tend to work inconsistently.
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