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Pond, James Pond
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So what are your high mileage round counts?

I'm simply curious. I'd like to hear from members on what the high round count pistols in the current or past collections might be.

I'm interested in rimfire and centrefire, revolver and semi, factory and reload. So the parameters are quite wide but here are the restrictions.

-I want to know real life numbers: no gross estimations or rounding up to the nearest 10k (6500 rounds is NOT "just under 10K"!!), so be honest with yourselves!!

-I am interested in any rates of malfunctions. Again let's be honest!! Let's not up the numbers for a gun we dislike or lower them for those we love. (Come on!! Don't deny it: it happens to the best of us!!)

-I am also interested in any consumables that have been bought. Worn recoil springs, main springs, firing pins etc...(not upgrades, unless due to a breakage or wear).

So I'll start although having only been shooting for about a year, my round counts are low...:

Despite recently going into a wheelgun phase, thanks to getting my reloading under way, the two contenders are still my Glock 19 and Ruger MkIII.

The Glock (bought used with allegedly 1500rds through it) has had about a further 1300 rounds through it, with a spate of light strikes a while back and one stove pipe. The light primer strikes seemed to be ammo related, and the stove pipe: who knows? Limp wristing, perhaps?.

The Ruger (bought, AFAIK, new)has had about 1100-1200 rounds with stacks of FTEs. This was documented in other threads and may have been ammo choice or newness, but has improved over recent months, now that I stick to one or two ammo brands...

Over to you.
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I have a Glock 22 with around 22000 rounds, Its close to 18 yrs old and I used to shoot it a lot. I broke 1 extractor and a trigger return spring.
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At one time I use to document the history of use of each of my guns but stopped doing so. I got lazy. My high round count guns and failures at the time I stopped documenting history in 2010 are:
XD40 SC- 6K (none)
Ruger Mark II- 22K (not a failure upgraded trigger job in 2010)
LCR .38- 925 (none)
Charter Arms .38- 1.3K (none) (1980 production bought used in 1990)
LCP- 856 (none)
S&W M&P 9- 2.1K (feed problem after 1.5K-polished ramp)
S&W M&P 40- 2.3k (none)
Mosin Nagant 91/30- 3.5K (none)
Glock G22- "3" rounds ( bought used and experienced a catastrophic failure, fired before going into full battery, in 2004)
Note: most of the above hand guns have had a minimum of 100 rounds per month fired with the exception of the Mark II that has had at least 10K thru it since June of 2010.

I think we should also include the history failure along with the ammo history as I have done.

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Willie Sutton
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Colt WW-II era USGI M1911A1, with high sights, a long trigger, action job, Wolfe springs, and otherwise stock.

Documented over 50,000 rounds thru it (calculated by the amount of boxes of bullet's I've handloaded for it). I shot IPSC with it back before IPSC became a game, shot it at Gunsite for my 250 course, and carried and shot it for years. Carried it and did regular function practice with WW ball ammo, shot it mostly using handloaded lead SWC's for shooting paper.

Save for a run of failures to feed caused by bad magazines, it has always done it's job. I detail strip it every 1000 rounds for cleaning. I have replaced the odd part over the years "just because" but no part has ever broken in service. There has never been a malfunction other than those caused by bad magazines or bad handloads, and there has never been a malfunction that was not cleared using an immediate action drill.

Most recently a friend did a 250 course at Gunsite with it, and shot the entire course with zero malfunctions using Remington factory 230 grain ball ammo.

It's good for another 50,000 rounds at least.


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223 shooter
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My bought new 1994 Ruger MKII Target 5 1/2" is easily my high mileage champ. I used to keep count of all the bricks I had fired and eventually reached 30,000 rounds. At that point , some years ago , I stopped keeping count.

No parts were ever replaced due to failure. Although shortly after purchase I sent the gun off to Clark Custom Guns for a trigger job.

I really cannot be accurate on the number or malfunctions or jams through the years but they are very rare.
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I have a three year old Glock 17 that I currently shoot weekly that has just over 45000 rounds through it. Ive replaced the extractor and its associated parts once, as well as recoil springs twice a year. Other than that, no issues. Other than a couple of recent cycling issues, which I attribute to worn out reloaded brass that should probably be scrapped, I havent had any failures that werent intentionally induced, or ammo related. The thing is like the Energizer Bunny, it just keeps going, and going, and .....

I also have a 26 of the same age that has about 20000 rounds through it. It gets shot about every other week. I change the recoil springs on it twice a year too. Other than that, and the intentional induced stoppages, no other issues.
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I have 2 one is a Ruger Single six that was my first gun. I bought it in 1975 and cannot begin to count the thousands of rounds fired without drama or mishap.

My last duty gun before I retired was an H&K P2000 40 LEM. I shot the same gun in IDPA with only service issue duty loads. The BP service loads are quite a bit hotter than commercial loads. I had just over 15,000 rounds through the H&K, zero parts breakages, zero malfunctions, zero failures of any kind.
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I have a Colt Mark IV that has over 20,000 rounds through, between the original barrel and the Centaur Systems comp barrel I replaced it with. Back then I was reloading heavily and working up loads for IPSC. It had 4 different weight recoil springs for the various loads. Lots of fun. Still my favorite weapon. Also have a Stevens Model 34 and a Glenfield 60, both of which have had nearly 20,000 rounds through, each. Nothing else in my collection comes close to these 3; my 2 Ruger .22 autos have each probably half that. No failures of any kind with any of these 3, though if I was shooting the 2 .22s today, I would expect many ammo failures.
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My Taurus 94 has about 4000 rounds, never a problem. S&W 617 has only 100 LOL.... I need to shoot that more.
Has Taurus really spent more on shipping customers their firearms back to them than actual sales?
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Browning Buckmark 'Standard'- 126,700
(Primarily Remington Thunderbolts or Cylcones, for the first ~18 years.)
Slide and barrel are ever so slightly mushroomed, from slide impact.
I put (if I remember correctly) the 7th recoil buffer (polymer pad) in it, last week.
It's on its 2nd or 3rd recoil guide rod / spring assembly.
I've replaced the under-barrel screw with the newer style hex screw (so much better), and the top strap screws have been replaced about 4 times.
The original (2) magazines are still functioning perfectly; as well as another 6 magazines that were purchased as extras, within 2 years.
The breech face has some pretty good peening from dry-firing (to decock).
All other parts are 100% original.

(So much for a "lint free" rag....)

That Buckmark had a sibling purchased a little while later, a "Target" model (full rail, hooded sights, etc.).
It suffered a broken firing pin between 90k and 105k rounds. I have no idea exactly when it happened, since the barrel didn't come off that pistol very often; which meant the slide didn't come off, either. In addition, it was still functioning flawlessly, even with the firing pin broken completely in two. (The channel in the slide kept everything in alignment. )
That pistol is estimated to have fired in excess of 175k rounds, but we don't have a hard count for it. That poor pistol has changed hands at least 9 times, through the same 5 owners, in the last 10 years. The mixed, undocumented use screwed up the numbers.
It is on only its second recoil guide rod / spring assembly, and its 2nd set of top rail screws.
I believe it's also on only its 3rd recoil buffer (polymer pad).
Its original magazines are also still functioning perfectly.
The rest of the parts are 100% original (to the best of my knowledge).
It's also showing its age and wear, quite a bit more than the Standard model.

Both pistols still function flawlessly on anything you feed them.
The Standard model will even feed and cycle on CCI .22 CB Shorts, if I install an old, well-worn recoil spring.
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Originally Posted by Willie Sutton View Post
Colt WW-II era USGI M1911A1, with high sights, a long trigger, action job, Wolfe springs, and otherwise stock.

Documented over 50,000 rounds thru it (calculated by the amount of boxes of bullet's I've handloaded for it). I shot IPSC with it back before IPSC became a game, shot it at Gunsite for my 250 course, and carried and shot it for years. Carried it and did regular function practice with WW ball ammo, shot it mostly using handloaded lead SWC's for shooting paper.

Save for a run of failures to feed caused by bad magazines, it has always done it's job. I detail strip it every 1000 rounds for cleaning. I have replaced the odd part over the years "just because" but no part has ever broken in service. There has never been a malfunction other than those caused by bad magazines or bad handloads, and there has never been a malfunction that was not cleared using an immediate action drill.

Most recently a friend did a 250 course at Gunsite with it, and shot the entire course with zero malfunctions using Remington factory 230 grain ball ammo.

It's good for another 50,000 rounds at least.


Impressive, and cool. I've heard from many people that a solidly made 1911, broken in, is close to unstoppable.
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Just over 10,000 rounds through my Ruger sr9 before I sold it. Only 2 failure for trigger to reset the whole time I owned it.

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I've been shooting a long time ...and from time to time, I've kept a decent I'd know when to change springs, etc on a gun...

In the last 10 yrs....I've kept better track ...on some guns.

My primary range training gun for the last 6 a 1911 :

Wilson Combat 1911 / 5" gun / Protector model in 9mm ...that I bought new in Aug 2006.../ At about 30,000 rds I had some light primer I had to change the main spring/hammer strut spring ( $ 5 part ) ...but I do change the firing pin spring and the recoil spring ( $ 3 and $4 parts ) about every 5,000 rds and I log those spring changes for weight, mfg, etc ...about 3 wks ago / at a little over 45,000 rds thru that gun in 6 yrs ...the extractor broke. I shipped it to Wilson / 100% covered by warranty ...and I had it back in about 10 business days - and its 100% again. On day 1 - right out of the box that gun ran 100% ...but that is Wilson Combat's trademark...tight enough to be guaranteed accurate to 1" at 25 yds...but loose enough to run 100%.

My primary carry gun is also a Wilson Combat 1911 5" CQB in .45 acp..

Its a .45 acp version of my primary range gun .../ it currently has a little over 25,000 rds thru it ...its coming up on 12 yrs old now.../ just routine changes of recoil and firing pin springs is all I've done to it.
I have other semi-autos that I don't keep track of too well ....Sig 226's, Browning Buckmark, etc....
In my revolvers...all S&W ....I keep track of about 5 issues on any of them:

a. model 27-2 4" (.357 mag)..coming up on 8,000 rds now -- bought it used.
b. model 19-1 4" (.357 mag ) over 10,000 rds ....bought it used.
c. model 29-2 8 3/8" (.44 mag ) ..over 5,000 rds - bought it used.
d. model 629-5 3" ( .44 mag ) ...over 4,000 rds - bought it used.
e. Freedom Arms single action 4 3/4" barrel - .357 mag - bought new May 2012 ...and a little over 6,000 rds thru it now...

Browning Citori - XS Skeet model 12ga 30" barrels ...bought new its 11 seasons old now....its my primary gun for Sporting Clays and Skeet...a little over 500,000 shells thru it now..../ I have not had to replace a spring or even a firing pin on this gun yet....I do take the stock off the gun twice a year...and lube & inspect the springs and firing pins. Its been a workhorse.

I have a lot of other Browning shotguns ...but this one was purchased as a primary tournament gun ...and some bird hunting ...but it gets the most tournament use of all my shotguns.../ I won't be shocked if it goes to 1 Million shells without a firing pin and spring rebuild which is about $ 150 - no big deal.
Virtually every round thru my guns are my own reloads....all jacketed ammo - primarily Montana Gold bullets.../ and my own reloads in my shotshells too...

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easiest way

How many 9x19 rds did I make with 60lbs of WAP?
(I ain't including any other powders...)

I still gotta lotta WAP
"all my ammo is mostly retired factory ammo"
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I do not keep track of rounds, but after I started handloading, I kept track of boxes of primers (1000 per box) for a while. Eventually quit that too.

But I can tell you that in the last three years I have put 6 pounds of Green Dot and a couple pounds of W231 into .45 cases. A few have been .45LC, the vast majority into .45acp and run through a certain steel framed 4" Kimber.

My standard target load is 5 grains. So...7000 divided by 5 equals 1400 rounds per pound. Six pounds of Green Dot times 1400 is 8400 rounds. Add a couple pounds of W231 at the same 5 grains and we get 2800 more.

That makes 11,200 in round numbers. As I say, I have used a small amount for .45LC (maybe 200?) and a smaller number of .41 Mag (50 or so). When I was experimenting with 10mm and .380, I built maybe 10 rounds of each.

I have put a box here and a box there of these handloads through various other 1911s, but not a great amount.

I'm going to guess-timate that I have 10k through that Kimber, and although it has some finish wear, it shoots as well today as the day I bought it. And although these days my back dictates the carrying of an alloy-framed 1911 (maybe even a 3 1/2 incher) I would not hesitate one tick to grab that Kimber and trust my life to it.

I recently acquired a used Scandium framed S&W 1911 and am trying to put enough rounds through it to trust it unconditionally. So far, so good...I'll get back to you in a few thousand rounds.

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Round two Bullseye pistols have had a lot of range time.
The .45, a series 80 Colt Gold Cup NM, was further accurized by the late George Madore. It has, easily, more than 60,000 rounds through it. The only failures have been a few failures to feed....very limited number - five or six - due to a problem with the case or the bullet. I have installed a slightly lighter recoil spring, 14 lbs, which I change out on no particular schedule.
A couple of years ago, I installed an oversized firing pin stop....That is the only change since it was accurized.

The other gun is a High Standard Victor made in the Hamden factory in 1973. It wears an aftermarket Falcon match barrel. I have had the gun for twenty years and go through a case of. 22s, at least, per year. So.....100k rounds since I have owned the gun. Every few years I replace the springs. About fifteen years ago, the plunger that retains the barrel broke and was replaced. I replaced the ejector around the same time. I have several factory original magazines and rarely have a failure.
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A department issue Glock 22 - 15k+ Sent it to Glock in Smyrna, GA for a refinish due to holster wear on the slide. They ended up replacing the barrel and guide rod and spring.

SIG P226 - 4k

SA 1911 - 2.5K

Colt 70 Series..I have no idea. Recently got it. Looks like a lot.

Glock 19 1k (relatively new gun too)

SIG 1911 XO - 1k (around same time as the Glock 19)
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HK USP Compact 9mm with LEM trigger. Got about 72K rounds through her total (LEM trigger put in at about 20K), and only started to have some malfunctions recently when I tried some reloads (I've never shot reloads in it before), went back to factory ammo and it's 100% again. Mag springs and recoil spring swapped out every 15K-20K rounds, extractor spring swapped out about 4K rounds ago (think that was part of the problems I had with the reloads), oh and the nights sights were changed about 4yrs ago as the old ones went dead on me.
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1990's Taurus PT92AF 10k+ when I stopped counting
1990's Beretta 92FS 10k+ when I stopped counting
No Parts broken on either of these pistols but the recoil springs were replaced every few thousand rounds, refinished and touched up a time or two mostly due to holster rash.

Newer Beretta M9 1000 rounds to date.

1995 Ruger GP100 .357 somewhere between 4-5000 that's as scurate as I can get on this count.

I have others but never really counted rounds on them
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Deja vu
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I got my Coonan Classic March of 2011. Every week end (other than 2 since then) I have shot 1 box of ammo through it and my 640.

My 640 has never failed. My Coonans main fault is it throws its brass a good 20-25 yards. Where I reload this is not a good thing. My Coonan has never failed on a 357, It has failed on 38 specials but I would not use 38s from my coonan in self defense.
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I got a S&W 22A around a dozen years ago to shoot it with my sons. We put over 100,000 rounds through it together. The gun had several firing pins broken, the sight rib, the frame and also the hammer spring.

Still shoots well but is now more in the back of the safe. The main reason why I bought the 22A, was that my sons were a bit rough on my nice rimfire pistols and refinishing one of them would have cost more than this little plinker.

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I have over 100k through my gen 3 glock 17. Replaced the recoil spring at about 45k. No failures aside from a few when I was testing a korean mag.
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I have a Colt Gold Cup that is going on 30 years and I can’t give you an actual round count over that 30 years but it’s the only 45 ACP that I shoot a lot. For the last 10 years I buy 1000 lead bullets every year and most of them are shot through the cup. So that puts a minimum at 10,000 in the past 10 years.
I know that’s not the accuracy you’re asking for but it’s the best I can do.
In that time the pin that holds the rear sight has fallen out. The frame was showing a little battering so I put a recoil buffer in it (it’s only a target gun) and other than magazines it’s never had another problem.
The other gun is a hand built S&W 28 that was modified to 44 SP that is over 25 years in my collection and again I don’t keep round counts but its more than the Gold Cup. Never a single problem in that time.
The one accurate count is my Glock 26. Other than a couple that a friend shot when I let him borrow it is 3000 +/_ 100. I have replaced the main spring with a metal spring guide and better spring. Sights just because the plastic were crap. The gun has never had a failure of any kind including magazine.
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( YA YA YA ) Taurus PT1911,45 ACP, Just over 6000 in 3 years. Still clicking along just fine
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The only high-round count guns I own are two that I've used in USPSA and IDPA competition over the last fifteen years. One is a moderately customized Colt M1991A1 .45, the other, a full-house custom, longslide Caspian .45; I think both guns have about 15,000 rounds through them.
I doubt I've put more than 2000 rounds through any other gun I own, though lots of them have seen over 1000.
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