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Lee 7mm Mag Die , OAL does not match Brass???

I have been reloading for a number of years now. I am undertaking the 7 mm Mag now. It is really for my Friend who hunts with that round. I have always used Lee Dies and been very happy with them. I have a new problem though. I just got the die in. The picture of the OAL with the die set instructions shows the casing substantially shorter than my Friend's once fired factory Remington Brass. What is the deal with that? I know repeated firing slightly lenghthens the brass necessitating trimming. However it could not change this much from one firing. Am I missing something here? When reloading , anything that looks different or makes no sense to me causes me concern. Did anyone else notice this discrepancy in length?
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You have been loading for years and don't own calipers?

You can't eyeball case length.

You have to measure, then trim if necessary.
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I got the calipers right here and about any other tool you can buy or make.I prefer the ruler myself but in any case the empty once fired Remington Brass case is 2 and one half inches (6.4 cm) and the picture of the MOAL says it is 2.5 inches but in actuality it is smaller , 2,25 inches. I guess they were just making the picture fit into that space. I have often referred to that picture when reloadig big bore handgun rounds and it is actually the same size on those. It really should say not actual size when evidently it is shown actual size if the cartridge fits on the end of the instructions. I just checked the 44 magnum one and it is the exact size and dimensions of the cartridge itself.
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Well, if you have a reloading manual, you have everything you need.

The manual will give the max case length and the trim to length.

This information is probably one of the very first instructions in your manual.
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"I guess they were just making the picture fit into that space. "

Let me ask, are you measuring the picture of a case with a ruler and comparing that to the actual cases? Hummmm... maybe you would do better with Hornady dies, they don't give any picture at all.
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Brian Pfleuger
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I can't say as I ever thought of the scale of those pictures nor do I see the value of the picture being a certain scale.
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If I stand far away the 7mm case looks real small and if I get real close they look huge but they still measure 2.5" and that's the reference I always use .
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Zach W.
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Do all of your family photos have "Not actual size" printed on them?
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Old February 20, 2012, 12:19 PM   #9
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I reloaded some 7 mag cases and they were way bigger than the picture in my book by the time I got them to the size of the picture they fit my 6.5 rem mag.
Any one know where I can get the right size picture?
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...Any one know where I can get the right size picture?
I think I understand the question.

I suppose you could download something like this,

then use a screen capture utility and scale it until it measures the correct size when printed.

On the other hand, you could just trim a 7mm Rem Mag case to the correct length (as measured with your calipers) and then use that example as a template, to hold up against your cases as a comparison.

Mark it so you don't get it mixed up.

I still don't understand the desire to do this, when it seems so much easier to lock the calipers at the correct trim length and just do a "trial fit" with a case. If it drops through, it doesn't need to be trimmed. If it won't, toss it into a bin to be trimmed.

Oh, and the "example case" referred to above can be used to set up your trimmer to the correct length.
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Hehehe, fellas the op is looking for answers, and I agree that most handloaders of any ilk would never try to measure up their brass to a simple diagram in a manual,,, however i suggest that you go by the written standards in the manuals and forget the dang pictures,,, ( that simple reason I did poorly in grade school) Read your manuals and remember there is a small tolerance when it comes to 7MMRem Mag brass, 2.500 is the proper lenght, but it can be shorter. but not 1/4 inch shorter as that would only leave the shoulders actually!!
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The OP should "pay no attention to those men behind the curtains..." and simply get one of these:

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