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This was not one of those "sitting around then poof... It dawned on me" type of epiphanies. My wife and I had a situation that brought home the error of my way.

We live in a very nice neighborhood, but pretty close to some not so nice neighborhoods.

A couple of weeks ago, my wife and I were walking the dogs, around 10pm. I'm carrying my 629 iwb and as usual feeling comforted by it's presence. It is really cold out and I'm bundled up pretty well. A car turns onto the block, rap music blaring, low riding with 1 inch tires and window's tinted well beyond legal limits. The car stops directly across the street from us and sits. My mind immediately plays out my moves if the situation escalates. I felt my coat and had the sickening realization, there is no way I'm getting to my gun in any reasonable amount of time. The coat is too long, too heavy and I'm wearing too many layers to move out of the way. A few more seconds go by and the car drives off.

Since that moment, I'm back to carrying my SP101 in my pocket. It is very clear to me that accessibility trumps both power and capacity in personal defense situations.

I know that I can change my attire, but I live in the northeast and it gets pretty darn cold here.

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I did my time in LE (20 years) in Anchorage. It gets nippy up there every now and then. They issued some nice but big down parkas. Nice and warm. They had a side zipper so you were suppose to allow you access to your sevice revolver. BUT HAVE YOU EVER TRIED IT.

The coat also had large pockets and inside my coat pocket was a 2 in revolver. Everytime I thought I might need the gun I just put my hand in my pocket. I didnt really concern my self with drawing my service revolver.

To this day, and I'm retired, I still use carry a pocket revolver in my pocket.
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This is one of the main reasons that no matter what else I may be carrying there is always a gun in my right front pocket. I actually view my larger gun as a back up. I realized that if I am aware I should notice before the threat escalates. If not its great to already have my hand on something suprising. Thanks for the reminder as the seasons are changing.
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This is one of the main reasons that no matter what else I may be carrying there is always a gun in my right front pocket.
I think this is a wise policy.

As it gets colder, my carry pistol gets bigger. Still, I do my best to maintain quick access to it and typically ensure that the only clothing-related movement necessary to access it is to brush my coat open as I draw.
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In winter when wearing a jacket a 442 pocket carried in a fron coat pocket can warm your hands better than a pair of mittens.
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I Always carry owb. Don't care about "printing" but I do care about access.
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Same here. Just more comfy too.
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I had the same realization a few days ago as the weather has gotten colder. Looks like it's time to start carrying the Bersa in the coat pocekt instead of IWB like I normally do. Thanks for sharing your thoughts!
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While I've had this thought on a few occasions, it was quicker to trigger a restructuring in my clothing (To a degree) than a change in my carry mode. I suppose it helps that nothing I own is truly pocket carry eligible. In my case, even as the winter months bear down, I still keep my Taurus either IWB or OWB strong side, and the gun is directly over my "money pocket." I'll try to keep it down to a jacket or sweater in the way (I will try to tuck a sweater behind the gun if I'm wearing a jacket as well). The way I figure, if its an armed robbery where I truly fear for my life, I should be able to get to my gun while still appearing to be compliant, until that last moment, that is - hope never to play out that scenario. If danger (as in a firefight) finds me, then drawing while moving to cover should be manageable. Until I track down a pocket gun that fits me, I'll have to accept the compromise.

Still good food for thought, though. My wallet doesn't like it when my food for thought involves new firearms.
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For years I worked a job that could get scary very fast, and sometimes did. So I always carried a gun in my right front pocket. Unfortunately these guns were of pipsqueak calibers due to my employers excretable gun policy (guns not allowed on company premises, or in company vehicles, or on a company employee doing company business, and this was a firing offense) so these mouse guns were the best I could conceal.

As someone said above, the gun you can get to is your main gun - at least until you can get to a better one, and the little one in my right front pocket was always the one I could get to fastest.

A few words of advice to those who are new to front pocket carry: It is often difficult to quickly draw an unholstered gun from a front pants pocket; an unholstered gun will usually not stay in the correct position for easy drawing. An inside the front pocket holster can keep your gun in the proper position for drawing, but if the holster is unanchored in the pocket, when you draw your gun, your holster may come out of your pocket still on the gun. (And nothing looks sillier than pointing a holster at somebody.)

You can prevent your holster from coming out of your pocket when you draw by securely anchoring the holster inside your pocket. A fabric holster can be sewn into a pocket. You'll probably need several holsters if you do this, so you'll still have a holster wnen you change pants. A less expensive solution might be to use velcro or better yet, double-sided tape to hold a holster in. There are probably some other ways to do it too. But however you do it you will need a pocket holster so that your gun will stay upright in your pocket for ease of draw, and you will need to anchor that holster in the pocket so it will not come out with the gun when you draw.
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Is there any need to reinforce the pocket or replace it with heavier material?
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During wintertime, I always keep a J-frame in my outer coat pocket. I'm too thin-blooded to take these Hoosier winters with my coat unfastened just so I can get at my 1911.
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A very wise man once told me that if you could not get to your gun when you need it, you may as well not have a gun.

I think your posting serves as a reminder to all of us how we need to be prepared as much as possible.
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Have any of you ever had to draw when someone (say, an armed robber) already had a gun on you? I just don't think I'm faster than a trigger finger, even with the element of surprise and better training in my favor.

Though I try to be at all times aware of my surroundings, I still catch myself offguard sometimes; that is to say, I find myself half way across a parking lot and say to my himself, "sheesh, CorpITGuy, do you even remember getting out of the car?"

Am I the only person who is that hopelessly braindead? :-/
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Nah, we all have those moments when we are on auto pilot. The fact that you think about it at all is a step in the right direction to always being aware of your surroundings. Just keep practicing.
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+1 camsdaddy

I would have either a M60 or SP101 in the coat pocket, and my full size baby eagle .40 cal inside my coat. I have my hand in my pocket when I walk my dog, and have access to much more if needed. I live in a good neighborhood, but that is where out-of-work thugs go to find their Christmas cash.
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Have any of you ever had to draw when someone (say, an armed robber) already had a gun on you?
Not I, but a bud of mine carries a .45 derringer in the back pocket where his wallet is. He had pulled it once when a guy wanted his wallet. Guy had a knife, I was told he was surprised.
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