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kenneth owens
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powder with best win record??

I have no idea if this has been asked but here we go,of all benchrest win titles what type and brand of powder was used???
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I would say the the benchrest crowd prefers Vihtavouri, but I like to use Hodgdon because it is cheaper and I get good results with it. If I ever get to the level of skill that I might be able to compete in benchrest, I might consider switching powders if I think I could benefit from it.
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Dave Haven
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According to Hodgdon's literature, H322 has won more benchrest matches than all other powders combined.
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I started using some Vihtavouri last year, and wow is that ever good stuff. Well worth the extra $$$ if accuracy is your game.


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Old January 11, 2007, 08:18 AM   #5
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Best powder

What you will find is the bench guys find a powder they like and get a lot of it all from the same lot. 16 - 20 lbs of it. When their barrel wears out they will buy 10 more barrels and find a barrel that likes their load. These barrels are custom made to their specs.
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kenneth owens
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from h322 to benchmark.

the one I have used the most is h322 which is accurate, for our 6mm ppc
we are going to give benchmark a try
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H335 has won many BR matches. H322 has also.

While there is no doubt the Vihta Vuori is good powder, I've seen no reason to believe that' it's actually any better than Hodgdon's, Winchester or IMR.

But it is one heckuva lot more expensive.
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Old January 17, 2007, 01:33 PM   #8
kenneth owens
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yea,vihtavouri is very $$$$$$$$$$$$$$ its used by lots of benchresters but if its that good heck! I will try it after benchmark
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Old January 18, 2007, 05:14 PM   #9
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It depends upon which cartridge you're loading. A lot of what goes on in BR and other match shooting is monkey see monkey do. After a certain shooter showed up at a match with a tuner on his rail gun, there was a rash of tuner sales. Turns out he'd only brought that rifle because his fav gun was being rebarreled and he'd borrowed that one. I'm not really any different. I tried some Vihtavuori powders and they worked fine, but really no better than my usual Hodgons. I didn't pay much more for it than the Hodgon, and I've not heard any comments from other BR shooters I know here that use it about $$$$, only from people on the internet.

There are some people here shooting very good aggs with RL-15 and IMR 4350 or even W760. If memory serves, a couple of world records in 1000 yard competition were set this past summer using components not widely touted as "match" or "BR" grade, including powders. Another thing to consider is that smokeless powder performs so well as a propellant because of the way it burns under pressure. A powder like H335 in a BR rifle which is able to handle the higher pressures of jam seated max capacity loads is not going to perform in the same way in an AR-15 or a factory bolt gun that you cannot begin to develop the same pressures.

The best powder is the one that works best for you in your rifle(s) for your application(s). You might use H335 for a small bore 600 yard match load and RL-15 for the same caliber in a plinking or 100 yard match load over a variety of calibers.

Some sites of interest if you are really thinking about BR shooting:
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kenneth owens
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best powder?

yes ,those are some cool web sites. and also you are correct when you said
the best is the one that works for you so far my load testing with h322 has been great, very accurate powder in my 223,we are working up loads for our 6mm ppc,in which we used h322 for the first fireforming and heck the groups not bad!! of course its a brand new xxx premium douglas with only 50rds through it I think maybe we should continue with h322 for the next few loadings. if this does not work out then we will try the benchmark or the vihtavuori.
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Hello all. New to Firing Line.

Just wanted to add a subnote to the Vihta Vouri Powder pricing in an earlier post. With the recent mfg cost increases across the board for reloading components, The Vihta Vouri powders are not really any more expensive than most of the domestic powders on the market. It is IMHO very well worth the difference due to some of the accuracy gains that may be realized with its use.
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kenneth owens
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Join Date: June 17, 2006
Posts: 355
thank you for the info
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