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please dont think i'm an idiot but......

i just recieved a new reloading set from lee. i live in an apartment (i'm in college) and i dont have a bench so i couldnt get anything fancy. the kit came with a yellow powder dipper on it that says .7cc. does anyone know the conversion to grains?? thanks for any help
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It will depend on the powder you are using. If you got a set of Lee dies with the kit there should be a chart on the instructions with load data using the dipper that was included with the dies. If you have a powder scale you can check it with the powders you are using to see how they measure up.

The cc is a volume measurement and grains is weight. Different powders have different densities so weight per volume will vary. Just thought I'd throw that in since your a college kid.
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Even if the chart shows that 0.7cc dipper delivers 25gr of a given powder you will need to weigh the charge anyway. You cannot "dip" the same weight of powder with accuracy. I routinely see differences of 0.5 gr. Use the Lee device only to get close to your desired weight then trickle in the final amount.
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Go here...

...and click on the "Instructions" link.

You might find some interesting reading, like this document:

Print it out.

Check out the official Lee website for video instructions (see "Help Videos" link there), too, for some Lee reloading can download and save said videos.

Also, as a Lee products owner now, you may want to take a look at "The Unofficial Lee Reloading Site" here:

Good luck,

-- John D.

P.S. Don't feel like you're missing don't need anything "fancy" because even with only basic equipment, you still can produce lots of quality ammo, and the Lee stuff you have can do that for you. I'm a veteran reloader and after all these years, have come back to Lee for low-cost and simplicity. All the other brand stuff is gone.
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I haven't read those links yet, but can say I used a Lee dipper with a Lee loader years ago and shot a lot of dime size groups that way with IMR 4198 in .222 Remington. There is a technique to the dippers, pushing their bottom into the powder and letting the powder fall in, then learning to make a same strength tap with your finger to level (almost) the top each time. Practicing with a scale is good advice, but if you use a powder with which the dipper delivers a couple of grains below any published maximums, you will be safe with it. Lee chooses the dippers in their die sets to be conservative this way, but do stay with the powders they recommend for that dipper in that chambering. You can call them and ask if you are unsure about what they recommend? 262-673-3075.

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T. O'Heir
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I'm astonished that Lee would put out a product that doesn't use standard reloading terminology. CC's have never been used for powder weighing. Spend the money for a good scale and use the dipper as a starting weight.
As daft as it sounds, lots of reloaders use a Black & Decker Workmate for a loading bench. Small, but it can be folded up and put away. There are lots of 'em second hand too. Fleas markets, garage sales, etc.
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"I'm astonished that Lee would put out a product that doesn't use standard reloading terminology. CC's have never been used for powder weighing."

Cubic centimeters are a volumetric unit mesurement, not a weight, thats why no one uses them to weigh anything. Scales "weigh" and so they use a different unit; grains. Dippers work fine and are about as consistant in volumetric mesurement as you are in using them. Use them different every time and itll be slightly different everytime. They will load good ammo and as long as you use them according to their chart you will never overcharge your bullets. Very safe but if you want +/- .000000001 grain accuracy get something else.
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Old September 26, 2006, 12:18 AM   #8
T. O'Heir
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The powder charge those dippers throw can vary +/- a full grain. They're unreliable for consistent powder charges. Hence, they're useless for consistent accuracy. Mind you, a lot of reloaders, myself included, started with a Lee Loader. They beat hades out of buying factory. Still have the plastic mallet I bought a way back when.
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T. O'heir-----Lee Dippers--------when I was young and could see, used to shoot in the GSSF matchs.....finished in the money many times and won a G17 at a match in Georgia. Loading was with a Lee Dipper, no scale needed. Loaded thousands of rounds of ammo for hunting, last two years 6 whitetail, one elk, one scale, accurate loading........300WSM....2" at 200 yards...Of course I have probably not been loading as long as most of you and lack all that experience.....started loading in Sept. of 1949 at 1300 hours Central standard time...A man has to know his limitations.........IMHO
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If used properly the dippers are quite accurate. The loads listed in the instructions that come with the die sets are safe to use without weighing.

They are no different than any other powder meter.
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