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Old September 27, 2002, 11:01 PM   #1
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? on Primer disposal

What's the best way to dispose of primers? I've inherited an assortment of reloading equipment from a relative who isn't using it anymore and has had various bits stored in cardboard boxes for the past decade plus. Of course, the can of STP fluid leaked all over the box it was stored in, and I discovered an assorted collection of loose, gooey primers in the bottom of the box. Obviously they're not in a fit state to reuse, but how does one dispose of them safely and insure they're de-activated? I've heard soaking in WD-40 will do it, is this the case? How long do they have to soak? Can I just put them out in the garbage afterwards? Several reload manuals are on the way, so I'm trying to become informed before I think of pulling the press handle, but I'd like to take care of the primer issue sooner rather than later. There was also some powder in the collection, how do I tell whether it is still usable, or again, is that asking for trouble? Thanks in advance.
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Old September 27, 2002, 11:40 PM   #2
Steve Smith
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Eat um. They're good for your teeth.
Favor the X.

Steve Smith
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Old September 27, 2002, 11:54 PM   #3
Mike Irwin
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Wrap them in newspapers and toss them in the garbage. The STP has likely taken care of any live primer concerns.
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Old September 28, 2002, 08:27 AM   #4
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"Eat um. They're good for your teeth."

That is one reason our little dog is named "Nitro." I found him chewing on a live primer shortly after we got him (about 2&1/2 months old at the time). Plus he was and is full of energy.
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Old September 28, 2002, 10:42 AM   #5
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First of all Calanctus I have to compliment you on trying to ask questions and readup on reloading before as you put it "even pulling the press handle." If you need to reinforce the reason why I say that just read the first post in the thread in this forum titled B]M-1 Garand goes Kaboom[/B] !

You have advanced light years ahead of the fellow that blew up that fine old rifle. OK on primer and powder disposal.............WD-40 will kill em but I hear that they may "come back to life" after it dries out. Motor oil will cure that problem it don't dry out!

Better than trying to kill them, even though as Mike says they probably are already dead, do you have a body of water around your area? A river, stream, lake etc.? If you do throw em in there. I got that made down here hell half the state is water LOL. Same goes for powder just sweep it up and pitch it in the yard or the out though it will make the grass grow and then instead or reloading you will have to cut grass .

I would much rather spill powder than gasoline, primers are inherently safe too just don't bang em around.

My late daddy had 2 cases of dynamite sitting in an old shed and one day after checking in there I opened a box of it.............It got my was old and had been sitting in the heat for years. The nitro was seeping out of it. I GENTLY took both boxes and walked to the bayou and GENTLY put them in it and let them sink in the boat slip. Told my old man what I did and he went ballistic................not for doing it but because he thought that maybe water would not kill it. He called the sheriff. Shreiff came by after getting the information he said he would hae done the exact same thing LOL.

Be safe Calanctus and watch out because when you start pulling that handle its going to hook you for life.................course there are much worse things to be hooked on! Enjoy it my friend.
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Old September 28, 2002, 10:45 AM   #6
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I'd probably avoid dumping primers in a river or stream, I wouldn't think they were too good for the environment. OTOH: modern primers probably don't use mercury fulminate or anything really nasty like that, but you never know.
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Old September 28, 2002, 11:26 AM   #7
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Set them up downrange and use them as targets...
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Old September 28, 2002, 12:40 PM   #8
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"Set them up downrange and use them as targets"

STEVE!!!!!!!! I have enough problems seeing them with bi-focals on when trying to load em
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Old September 28, 2002, 08:21 PM   #9
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That's why the "Great God Leupold" invented such wonderful scopes. Even an old fart like me can see primers at 100 yards (maybe longer) with a good scope...
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Old September 29, 2002, 07:47 PM   #10
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Stapling them to the target stand might be a wee bit difficult.
I vote for tossing the whole brick in a campfire, then running.
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Old September 30, 2002, 03:39 PM   #11
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Automotive oil will do the trick. Leave them oily then despose of them in the trash.
If you live in the country but work in town I would opt for the dumpster at work as they will wind up in a landfill rather than a back yard trash burning pit. I am not sure but some primer manufacturers may still use lead in their products so the landfill is a better option.
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Old September 30, 2002, 03:42 PM   #12
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I've got burn piles all over the place, not to mention "stored" used oil from the tractor....

So, primers into oil, oil starts fire, problem goes away!

Or, probably more universal, dig a hole in some unprotected place, bury the offending object, and go shooting to forget the now nonexistant problem!
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Old September 30, 2002, 03:44 PM   #13
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If it were me, I would just throw them in the trash. I am pretty sure the STP totally ruined them. If you are still worried, save a little oil the next time you do a change and soak them in that before disposing.
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Old October 1, 2002, 07:04 PM   #14
Nanaimo Barr
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I keep a half full jar of WD-40 on my bench that I use for primers I want dead. come Samhaim (Halloween), it goes on the bon fire with what ever mixed/vacumed/unknown powder I have
laying around.
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Old October 1, 2002, 10:25 PM   #15
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Primer's still contain lead except for the one's federal uses in their non-toxic load.

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Old October 2, 2002, 06:34 PM   #16
Art Eatman
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Somebody once gave me a 1/2-pint milk carton full of primers. Put them at the 100-yard backstop. Center-punched with a .243.

Backstop acquired a horrible case of smallpox. Interesting flash, as well.

, Art
You're from BATFE? Come right in! I use all your fine products!
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Old October 2, 2002, 09:46 PM   #17
Northwest Cajun
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1. safety glasses
2. double hearing protection
3. hammer

OR a can of WD-40
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Old October 3, 2002, 02:08 AM   #18
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Aw, Cajun, I was about to post the glasses and hammer thing myself.

Took to that after a 3-day soak in Break-Free failed to neutralize a test primer.

Advantages: If the primers are still live, you'll KNOW. If the primers are dead, youl'll _still_ KNOW.

Heavy hammer, and DON'T hit a bunch at once. My dad once saw a guy hammer something like that with a light one, and the dude earned a set of claw hammer marks in his forehead. Merely an annoying injury, but, you know....
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Old October 3, 2002, 08:20 PM   #19
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I've got them soaking in WD-40 now; the hammer idea sounds a little too "exciting" for right now. Besides, the dings in my forehead from creeping up on a 7mm Rem Mag rifle's scope is enough of an idiot mark for right now. Thanks for the advice!
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