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I've been using Bullseye and more recently HP-38 for my 9mm's. I'm in the process of converting my Dillon 650 to load .38 and .357, and bought some Winchester 231 since I heard good things about it, but my Hodgdon reloading manual didn't support it, so I traded it on some HS-6 (store was real nice). Anyone have experience with HS-6? Any suggestions for .38 (I'll be using West Coast Bullets 135 gr. Bill Moyer bullets)?
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Hodgdon HS6 is a medium slow burning powder, somewhat similar to AA #7, Alliant Power Pistol, VV N350, etc.

It is an excellent powder for the higher pressure cartridges, such as the 9 mm, 10 mm, .40, .357 magnum, and 357 Sig. You can get good velocities without hitting high pressures.

Also, it burns pretty cleanly in these higher pressure cartridges.

I have never used it for lower pressure cartridges (such as the .38 Special or .45 ACP), so I cannot give you a comparison on this matter.
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I just stopped using HS-6 for my 9mil. If you charge the case then seat the bullet, if there is enough volume of powder, the case may bulge. I did have this problem which in turn caused FTF's & FTRTB. Both in a compact 9, which may add to the problem as there is less weight to aid to slide movement.

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HS6 (W540?)

Excellent in 'medium' loads; testing required.

I've used it in: 38 Special, 357 Mag, 9x19, 9x21, 38 Super, 40 S&W, 10mm, 41AE, 41 Mag, 44 Mag, 45 ACP, and 45 Colt.

Oh, and 400 Cor-Bon (still haven't found those cases:-)
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The Winchester site has a good reloading manual free for their powders on the site to download.
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HS6 is superb for 9MM and 45ACP but I would use 231 or Unique for 38 target type loads.
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My powder of choice for 158gr SWCHP in .38 Special - use Hodgon data. Also fine for .357 Mag though I have a preferrednce for HS7 there. Nothing wrong with WW231 which is close enough to HP38, IMHO, to interchange data. Either 231 or HP38 would be my choice for lighter loads.
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My uncle is a commerical reloader and he buys powder in 100# drums and has gotten several drums marked both 231 and HS6 both powders look the same, you decide.
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And Titegroup looks like Longshot too, but it would be a REAL bad idea to interchange reloading data based only on looks. Do you mean that the drums were marked Winchester 231 and HS-6 on the same drum? S/F...Ken M
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W231 and HS-6 are NOT same (think W540).................
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I use HS-6 exclusively in 9MM, .40, .45 ACP, .45 LC, and .38Spec.

In the .38 and .45s, I load only +P type loads, so HS-6 works fine. It is not particularly suitable for low pressure target loads. I am currently working up loads in the 10MM with HS-6, and I will be using it exclusively in the 10MM soon.

IMHO, HS-6 is the most versatile powder made for full power loads in most pistol calibers.

It also meters well through powder measures, and is very consistent.

If I could have only one powder for my handgun needs, that powder would be HS-6.
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