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Leaked images of the new striker fired HK 'P30' style pistol

We have the first images of the prototype for the new striker fired HK pistol. Thus far, it appears to be dubbed the SFP9 (striker fired pistol?) with similar ergonomics to the P30.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. It looks to have the same grip and use the same mags as the P30 - which is to say the grip should be very comfortable. The top half reminds me a lot of the Walther PPX/PPQ style, which really, shouldn't be a bad thing. It looks like the bore axis has been lowered a little, but not too much. That's a non issue for me though. I have never found my HK's to have much muzzle flip.

I'll admit that I'm not thrilled with what I'm seeing, though I can't necessarily explain why. I'll hold off judgement to see what the trigger is like. I guess the important part is making sure that it runs with the legendary HK reliability.

What say you? This is sure to be controversial.

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