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I was kind of leaning towards a Smith and Wesson. 357 Revolver with a 3 or 4 inch barrel.
That's my choice. I have a S&W 686 with a 3" barrel. It's a 357 Mag, but I load it with Speer 38 Special +P 135g Gold Dot "Short Barrel" ammo.

Inside a house, full power 357 magnum rounds are way too loud. They also tend to flash via barrel and barrel/cylinder gap. I don't need to be temporarily blinded and rendered deaf. A properly placed 38+P round is about as effective as any.

It's going to come down to what you are proficient at shooting. But revolvers are simple and don't give your mind anything to think about other than aim and fire. There's a lot to be said for that.
Guns exist. Legislation will never change that.
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