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That i can't argue with it's certainly more appealing price wise.

My friend sent me this group today from his AAC, still on the hogue stock. I was impressed.

4 shots in the center hole

Best he could do at 400yds with no data lol we guestimated but hell he's on target.

Just as i posted this another thread came up on the hide concerning remington's quality control and the AAC's accuracy.

Brownells has .308 bolt face 700 actions on sale right now for 350$ that's hard to pass up for a new action. Could take that put it in a stock of my choice and take my .308 barrel from my 5R and have it cut to 16.5 or 18.5 and threaded. Get a bartlein blank like i planned and switch my main rifle to .260. Since i already have all the components to reload .260 and .308.

Just a thought, would cost a couple 100$ more but the more negatives that keep popping up about the AAC the more worrisome i get.
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