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Yeah i just saw Manners has a mini chassis that i could use instead of bedding the stock then getting DBM. I wish i would've known that when i built my rifle. Not that there is anything wrong with the route i went (Glass/pillar bed then DBM later). Been piecing it together though.

Remington 700 AAC (hopefully it shoots lol) 600$
MCS TA 595$
MCS Mini chassis DBM 360$
Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10X32mm FFP - supposedly under 700$ though I've only seen it for 800$

No gun smithing requried.

A good friend of mine always does that, goes to the pawn shop and grabs a BDL or ADL for the action then touches up the stock and adds a shilen match select.

Thinking selling my 14.5" AR to fund this, i just don't use it and figured i'd could get a good chunk of money for considering whats in it. If i was shooting 3-gun or carbine classes it would be different. Since i got my MK12 Mod 1 going my BCM 14.5 basically sits in my room.
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