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I don't think you should've gotten the 5R, i'd take a bartlein barreled remington action over any rifle remington could mass produce. Bartlein makes some great barrels i've been meaning to rid of my 5R barrel for some time now and put a Bartlein on it.

Come to think of it i could just get a bartlein for my current setup, take my 5R barrel and cut it to 16.5-18.5 and get an action. We shall see i guess, already know my 5R shoots. Taking that barrel and having it cut and threaded might not be a bad idea at all.

Then again while the idea is sound it's going to be much than just picking up an AAC lol. Granted it would all be done right from start to finish but i'd basically be starting a new build rather than piecing it together.
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