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For those of us who live in deer country, the costs are not so sever. Cost of guns for deer hunting, $0.00...I would have them anyway. Cost of deer processing, $0.00 I have never paid to have a deer processed, I have always done it myself. Cost of camping stuff, $0.00...deer hunting has never been a social event for me, I always do it solo. Cost of ammo, $0.00...bullet caster, hand loader, I shoot all the time anyway. Cost of travel to deer hunting sight, $0.00...I walk the 100 yards or so into my woods.
If you turn it into a social event, drive around acting crazy on four wheelers, pay the price to have good meat turned into an abomination of inedible sticks of salt and artificial smoke, etc. What you call "deer hunting" is not what I call "deer hunting".
Sometimes you get what you pay for, sometimes you only pay more for what you get.
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