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Thanks for the depth of options, guys. I certainly intend to do some various trouble shooting.

Only the Colt goes back into a bag, and then into the safe. I've found that none of my handguns that came in the clunky plastic cases fit in the safe while in said boxes, so every handgun gets an Allen pistol rug bag. However, only the Colt seems to show rust. Neither my Glock, Rugers, nor S&W M&P show any signs of rust.

I will certainly look at both a humidity guage and a goldenrod.

Also, new silica packs all around.

And perhaps a dedicated handgun safe.

I personally don't shoot corrosive ammo out of those guns, but the AK gets a steady diet of Wolf 7.62x39mm stuff, but it hasn't show any abnormal wear or anything, nor have any of my other long guns.

The washer and dryer are on the main floor, the gun safe is in on what is technically the first floor, but isn't where the front door is.
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