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Originally Posted by t4terrific
Originally Posted by JimmyR
. . . .It all boils down to the idea that we are not speaking in the open air. We are speaking on a privately owned and financed forum, with designated rules and policies set down by the owner of the forum and enforced by the mods. Just like if people were bickering, arguing, or getting off topic in a discussion about a topic that I invited people to my home to have, you can bet I would work to keep the discussion streamlined. . . .
When you invite people to your home, you try to manage, and streamline their conversation?
My home doesn't have a specific mission statement, or delineated rules for discussion. TFL does. Even so, I reserve the right to manage and direct discussions as necessary in my home. For example, if folks in my home get too rowdy discussing politics and religion, I can ask them to lower their voices, or change topics before things become too heated. Not all discussions are appropriate in all times and all places.
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