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Thanks for the replies. I thought a ruger might be a little lighter in weight than most other choices. I like the Weatherby idea. Actually I like the Howa ranchland that is the same rifle with a shorter barrel. But I have never seen one in stock. I have missed a couple on GB that I got outbid on.

I have an AR. I don't really like it. I like my mini-14 much better. I have the newer 580 series with the tapered barrel. It shoots better than most people think it will.

I also have an H&R Handi in 223 and that sucker will shoot. I just want a light weight little bolt gun. I had an interarms MK X mini mauser many years ago and stupidly sold it. Oh well.

Storm27m I had a savage bolt in 223. It was ok after I spent $140 to replace the piece of crap stock it came with. Savages just don't appeal to me.
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