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Don’t want to hijack this thread but had a 396 didn’t care for it 696 if I find one it will be mine, so far only one I have found was engraved.
1 I will agree with that but with moon clips it’s by far the fastest reloading revolver made. Ever seen 6 shots fire reload 6 shots fired on target in less than 3 seconds?
2. if using a moonclip the people who spent a few thousand dollars on shooting courses will be unhappy that they are unable to eject individual empties to top off the chamber.
How do you eject single rounds in a conventional revolver other than to lift all of them and pick out the ones that have fired? Sounds slow to me
4 granted it is hard to beat but a lot of people don’t like the flash, flame, recoil of the 357 and at night they are horrible to shoot.
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