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I may have missed it but have you shot any factory match ammo out of it ? Federal GMM seems to be the cats meow when it comes to shooting well in any rifle .

I'm just now getting in to this whole reloading thing so I'm a bit lacking in the knowledge area . FWIW I have a Savage with a VERY short throat and while researching that issue I fond a few articles stating the the Rem 700 at times has a HUGE/LONG throat . Some were saying they could seat a 175gr smk to a OAL of 2.930 and it still be off the lands . Not sure what you were seating your bullets at but maybe you have one of those long throats and the jump is hurting your accuracy .

In contrast I have to seat a 175gr smk to a OAL of 2.730 to stay off the lands of my Savage . I was at the range last Friday trying out some hand loads and the guy next to me saw my notes and commented on the OAL of the 175gr smk . I told him the issue and he said thats not right and gave me some 308 military match ammo to try . I could not even get that stuff to chamber in my rifle . Could not get the bolt to close and did not want to force it .

So my short throat issue makes me think maybe your jumping your bullets to far and there going down the barrel back wards . OK maybe not that but I here some rifles don't like to be jumped .

Like I said I'm pretty new at this so what I just said may not mean a thing but I thought I'd throw it out there .
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