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Lets "Beat this dead horse" once again. If (an its a big IF) you want to use a shotgun for HD, the "Best" shotgun is the same gun you shoot in the 90's while shooting skeet ( 1 oz. #9). The same gun you shoot in the 90's while shooting trap ( 1 oz. #7 1/2). Its the one you shoot in the 80's while shooting sporting clays ( 1oz.. #8). Its also the one you have pattern (1 oz. #4 buck shot) at the most likely distances you will encounter inside the house (5 yards, 7 1/2 yds, & maybe even 10 yards).

As far as cost, "Whats your life and family worth?". My family is worth a Benelli, with extra barrels, and chokes.

Addendum #1: I would use a rifled choke or full rifled barrel in the house.
Addendum #2: I keep a S&W Model 25 in 45 Colt for HD.
1. The pattern board is your friend, use the Dam thing!!!
2. The maximum range of a firearm and/or cartridge, is usually measured in miles, and means nothing.
2a. The effective range of a firearm and/or cartridge is the skill of the shooter, and means everything.

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