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I'm a 25 year old white male, Conservative but leaning towards the libertarian side of the spectrum, single and employed by the Boy Scouts.

I'm also a National Guard Sergeant, with 8 years total service. I'm a (somewhat) decorated combat vet who is the son of a highly decorated combat vet.

I shoot skeet semi-competively, but will never make the Olympics are anything like that.

I drive of a pick-up truck, but carry a brief case and wear a tie to work.

I don't own an AR-15, don't really care to, but I think anybody should be able to if they wish, heck, even a full on M-16A4 if they so desire.

Most of guns are walnut and blued, though I carry a Glock everyday.
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"Had King Kong showed up in Texas, Frank Hamer would have taken him down with his Model 8 in .35 Remington...well, he was kind of big, so maybe his BAR"
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