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Never tried the electronic but I don’t see the advantage of them. They allow you to carry on a normal conversation. Here is a description of an expensive set (170$)
Electronic shooting ear muffs provide the ability to hear sounds occurring around you better while wearing the ear muffs than you can without any protection. With the ear muffs in place, your hearing is enhanced through a built-in amplifier. When a loud noise such as a muzzle blast strikes the microphone in the ear cup, the internal amplifier shuts down to provide you with the full rated protection of the ear muffs.
Personally I would rather buy a good set of muffs which you can buy for under 60$ and use the rest for ammo. I don’t find conversation that difficult without some kind of amplification.
I have friends that use them religiously but when you ask them about when they are mowing the answer is the same “No, why”.
Being an older person with tinnitus (ringing in the ear) and 40% hearing loss in one ear from the military service, hearing loss is nothing to kid around about.
Imagine a 12 KHz constant ring in one ear. 24 hours a day.
Anyway, for hand guns and some rifles muffs are enough but when I am shooting my 6mm Rem or the 22-250 I wear both plugs and muffs.
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