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9mm carbine load data.

finally contributing for a change.
I've been working on 9mm load development for an AR15 for a couple months now off and on. my original intent was to go with 124gr XTPs as they had the best mixture of velocity and stopping power. in the end due to availability I ended up going with 147gr gold dots instead. on some recommendations I went out and bought a pound of power pistol powder. a few different attempts were made with with mixtures of sierra 115gr JHPs, 147gr gold dots, power pistol and blue dot powders.

in the end power pistol with gold dots provided the smallest groups, most consistent loads, highest velocities(sortof, couldn't get my chrono to work while testing the 115grs), best weight retention and deepest penetration. believe it or not they performed remarkably similar to low velocity hard cast loads for 30-06.

the load I've settled on for future use.
5.1grs power pistol
147gr speer gold dots
1150FPS muzzle(from 16 inch carbine barrel)

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