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PSA : it depends on who you ask . I love there products but have had issues with there CS . I here they are much better as of late but do still get orders wrong from time to time . There shipping/lead time is crazy long ( a few weeks )and there is a chance you get your item before you ever new it shipped . 3 weeks is what I would expect the shipping time would be for a non firearm purchase . It's my understanding they make each rifle or upper as they are ordered so they will need another 2 weeks or so . If ordering a complete rifle , Id be happy if I got it in 6 weeks . In contrast I just placed a 14 item order that weighs 40lbs from Midway on sunday morning . My order has already shipped .

I don't know what there warranty is on complete rifles .

Here you go , nice little starter rifle for around $700 you can have the upper shipped right to your home
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