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I forgot to post my SR45 range report

I took it out for the first time about a week ago, and shot 100 rounds of Herter's Select brass case out of it. First mag went fine. Loaded the second mag, fired the first round, and the mag popped out. I figured I must have inadvertently hit the mag release, so I adjusted my grip and fired again.

This time, the mag fell out onto the ground. I picked it up, reinstalled it, and fired one handed with my left hand under the mag. Sure enough, the mag fell out of the gun again. The range I was at was also where I purchased the Ruger, so they gave me a new mag to try. It worked fine. So they swapped mags with me.

I had several FTE where the spent cartridge was not fully removed from the chamber. The next round in the mag, due to mag spring pressure, would push up on the spent brass that was not ejected and the gun would jam.

So, I went home, thoroughly cleaned and lubed the gun again, and went back out with 200 rounds. 100 rounds of Herter's Select, 100 rounds of Remington. I had several more FTE in the first 6 mags, and then they went away completely.

The next 140 rounds were flawless. When I got home, I disassembled the gun and found that the barrel and feed ramp had burrs on them. I used a jewelers file to remove them. Cleaned and lubed it again and put it in the safe.

I have to say though, besides the early failures, that this is THE most accurate pistol that I have ever shot. That was very surprising to me. It took no effort at all to make one small ragged hole in the target. Hopefully the bugs are worked out, because with the accuracy I can get out of this gun, it's a keeper for sure!
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