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One day, machine guns will be unavailable

Ok guys, discussion time. The NFA forum, which is my favorite forum, btw, is a bit slow. So let's spice it up with some debate and thoughts.

I love NfA toys! Semi autos are so boring!

So I was watching Morgan Spurlocks 'Inside Man', and I was talking to this guy who is buying up NFA machine guns. It was a business that owned the machine guns that he shot on that show.

I'll say that I am doing very well, but I'm not a billionaire, but I can still afford to buy quite a few of machine guns. This guy is close to a billionaire and he buys a new Ferrari every two years (lamborghini there's a wait list). He buys NFA guns like candy. I'm sure he isn't the only wealthy guy doing this.

When we talk NFA he says, '$30,000 for a machine gun? That's cheap!'.

We're talking from the viewpoint of a business owner to whose $30,000 for a RARE gun is nothing (when only about 100,000 machine gun, and they can never make more transferable MGs, that's the definition of rare).

Here is my point, to a business, especially when the cost can be written off bc the gun is purchased as part of a legitimately operating LLC or corporation, $30,000 is not much. And there are lots of businesses that can easily make those purchases.

And then I hear about guys paying $400,000 at auction for a Winchester 1of1000. There are lots of people with money.

All this means that one day machine guns like an m16a2 will be worth way more than $30,000, as they will all the in the hands of businesses or very wealthy collectors. Even to the average joe who owns a machine gun that he paid $500 for prior to the '86 ban, eventually, he will die (or need the money), and his heirs will sell the gun because the gun will be worth too much.

I agree that machine guns will one day be a rich mans hobby, if it isn't already. One day, it will be near impossible to buy one.

What are your thoughts?
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