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I just want to quickly add, that i think most of the good ones are known, but without bashing products, does anyone have examples or just thoughts on products they really didn't like/have good success with?
I had a Browning side by side that I thought had leaded up. I could see dark-grey streaks in both barrels. Work on it with a wire brush and Hoppie's #9 as I would, I could not get the "lead" out of the barrels. For some reason, I purchased some other bore cleaner (Shooter's Choice),and was astonished when a "black sludge" came out of the bores on the patch. The "lead" had really been plastic shot-shell wad residue and Hoppie's never touched it.

To be fair, that was a long time ago and Hoppie's may have changed their formula to work with plasitic...I do not know, but modern Hoppies #9 does not seem to work as well as some of the other bore cleaners in handguns as well.
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