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I saw a CZ a nice retired jarhead gent was shooting... the range the other day. I know that because he had a USMC ballcap that said so. I am trying to figure out the model. I should have paid more attention but I was severely distracted with my Springfield XDs light primer strike problem that had just got back from SA unresolved.

What I remember was that it was somewhat compact, 9mm, black steel slide, olive drab plastic frame with a squared off front edge of the trigger guard. He was raving about the little gun. Anybody know what it was? Experience?

I once had a CZ85 I bought because it had an ambi safety. It was too fat of a grip and I ultimately traded it off after having it set in my safe for some time. This little green one felt much better in my hand. If a CZ model does not come with an ambi safety (I recall this one did not have one) can you get one aftermarket?
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