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-Leopold, cant go wrong with that. And for the range you may want to get one with a parallax adjustment, and turrents/zero lock.

- personally I did not have 650$'s to spend on my rifle scope, i actually got a deal with barska and got the 2nd gen sniper scope on a steal. Its 6-24x50, but i have yet to test it, will shoot it tommorow, but another thing to look into is barska scopes if you wanted lower price range,and they are warrantied.

-but as with most scopes, id suggest to contact the customer support, give them the specs you want and see recommendations.

-And if your going to distance shoot out to 600-700yards, id say zero at 100 and start doing a ballistics chart of the scope. You will need one with cross hairs that have good measured points for drop. usually loading your own roads helps as it keeps consistency. but good luck, and keep us informed
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