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Also, you can still stone a Colt, the same as a Smith, to improve trigger pull, etc. They're both well built revolvers.
But, unlike the S&W, I cannot swap-out/test the rebound slide spring with a series of lighter springs, or do the same with various weights of mainsprings. As I posted, the only spring option seems to be to put the well-known bend in the mainspring which seems to effect the trigger return spring as well. Nor, is there any rebound slide tunnel that can be polished to enable the rebound spring to glide during its function. I suppose I could clip two coils off the cylinder locking bolt, but it hardly seems to be worth the effort. If the workings of my Colt are the same/very similar to the more recent Pythons, then I do not think that I really want a Python (or Diamondback) after all. It would seem that the Colt will never have the very light, butter-smooth double actions that I have gotten on my Smiths.
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