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cleaning the m1a and some quick picks

-well i was cleaning my m1a soccom(as i forgot to do it sunday) and thought, what the hell, ill post a few quick picks of it here

-this is by far my favorite rifle to shoot, cleaning is ok but can be a pain , i have to lube a lot of parts, using a 308 round and a aftermarket titanium coated piston , with a Leopold scope, and a cheek riser, this is most accurate rifle i own, and is my personal favorite to shoot( but she is a picky rifle as she only likes 2 brands of bullets)

(oh and the paper towel are not what i ram down the barrel, i tear them up to clean the groves and working of the rifle after disassembly, just thought id say so no one got worried)

If zombies, i have gone for big guns, will return soon !

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