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Deaf Smith
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Glock 17 with NY-1 trigger. Extreme reliability, accurate, rugged, corrosion resistant, and ugly as sin.

Once I got it I'd then spend far more of my time with my rifle and practice till I can't practice any more!

And then try my best to stay out of combat.

And a warning guys... lately we have been fighting 3ed rate armies that can't shoot. I fear we have grown accustom to this.

But one day we will fight another country that CAN FIGHT. I suspect the Russians or Chinese (over oil.) And it won't be pretty.

And when that happens, yes a pistol will be a comforting thing to have, but something far more powerful will be desired. More like a bucket full of AT-4s.

"The government has confiscated all of our rights and is selling them back to us in the form of permits."
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