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The bolt .44's leave me cold, but I like the idea of stainless/synthetic and the new faster twist in the bolt rifles

Me too, I like and own several lever actions. I was at a gun show 2 years ago and saw this gun setting on a table. I had heard about them but wasn’t interested till I put it to my shoulder. Perfect fit, I have never owned a gun that fit me as well as this one.
Took it home within 10 minutes knowing I would have to go home to the wife's "another one!"
I will have to say it took some tries to work up a load. It really likes a 240 TDBB lead. Sub 3 inches groups are easy and there moving fast.
The Hornady 225 FTX just sucked and I used up a box trying to work up a load.
The Sierra 210 sports master was the best. The gun likes upper velocity loads (spelled MAX)
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