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The DOJ's obtaining AP reporters' records is a significant issue in terms of constitutional rights, in terms of both the First and Fourth Amendments; this makes it a suitable topic for L&CR. A "firearms-related" component isn't necessary here.

The administration's major goal here is the intimidation and prosecution of anyone who releases information it would prefer to keep secret. Among other things, the current administration has prosecuted six people under the Espionage Act; this is more than in the entire previous history of the Act, going back to 1917. In addition, in at least one case, it has retroactively classified information in order to justify firing someone who released it while it was unclassified.

In other words, this is about the suppression of free speech, under the guise of "national security."

I doubt that the administration has an interest in discouraging the media from reporting on Second Amendment issues: the latter are, among other things, a convenient way to distract people from serious abuses of power.
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