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I am surprised at your experience with the trigger. This one felt better than any Glock that I have fired and better than my 26.
I agree that the Beretta storm has much better accuracy but this gun was much better than my MP5 clone. Also we didn’t really do any tries for accuracy, these were rapid rounds and multiple shots. I guess we were having so much fun that we really didn’t try for accuracy.
We only thing I fired were factory ball and lead reloads and some of the lead were light target loads. The owner fired only hard ball and between the two of us fired +400 rounds with 0 failures.
I will also have to agree about the price, it is over the top and there are a lot of “better” or just as good for less.
Now if I could afford a real HK MP5 semi then I wouldn't give the Kriss a second glance.
none of us could figure out a very good reason to have one other than to just have it
And that is about the only reason I want one.
Different opinions are always welcome, thanks.
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