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Slide Locks Back Early

Hi all,
I don't run into this malfunction much, in fact I don't know if I have had it happen before.

I was shooting my S&W M&P 9c. I had run 50 rds of Blazer aluminum with no issues. I decided to shoot off my carry ammo as I hadn't run any hollowpoints through it yet. There were no hangups at all. However when the slide locked back I went down to check my target. When I came back I noticed there was actually still one round left in the magazine. I was shooting 124 gr +P Gold Dots, short barrel.

What might cause this to happen? Maybe I pushed up on the slide release by accident? It is a stout load out of the M&P 9c, can really feel that slide moving fast, but it felt very controllable. I only had the one magazine so I couldn't run more Gold Dots to see if it happened again. It might just be a fluke but I didn't know if there was something I should check.

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