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I've worn classes since the 3rd grade. I like being able to read my watch and understand the blurs on the tv when the Braves are playing.

I got a pair of glasses that are the "aviator" style, my girlfriend and sister call them my old man glasses, that have the shattered resistant poly- whatever lenses in them that I wear when shooting.

They have a big field of view, have a bar that I can attach some el cheapo clip-ons to, and serve as my safety classes.

A board brim hat is a must, not so much for rain in my neck of the woods, but to keep down glare.

Also, I have mixed results with the stuff that SCUBA drivers put in thier goggles to prevent them from fogging up when I wear my turkey mask.

I also have some hideous brown plastic classes the Army issued me whose sole redeeming feature is that I can wear them under a gas mask.
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