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I don't kill on sight unless he's in an area where I intend to be for some time and poses a serious risk(IE, near my camp site with lots of under brush).

I get seriously irritated when I see dead snakes on the side of the road where it was obviously run over intentionally, mainly because 90% of the time it's a bull snake that was mistaken for a rattler. bull snakes eat the rattlers and keep them out of my yard. I've spent 10 minutes before trying to 'convince' a bull snake to get off my driveway just so he wouldn't be run over by another member of my family by accident and he didn't take kindly, given their talent for 'faking rattlesnake' it is no wonder people kill them but it still P's me off to see them killed. just because they were on the side of the road trying to get warm.
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