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PT145 'Grunge Report'

Last winter, I was given some cruddy .45 ammo by a guy I know. Turns out to be 43 rounds of turned-black R-P ball and Federal 230 grain HydraShok.

I says “Mike, you’ve got a Glock 21, why don’t you shoot it up?” Nuh-uh. He goes in to tell me the ammo was salvaged from a shed that burnt down and this is what didn’t cook-off. He thinks it was exposed to weather for about six months before the debris was cleared & figured I might want it for the brass. I hate using a bullet puller… so I’ll use it to torture-test a gun.

Didn’t really have anything I wanted to shoot it in, then this PT145 arrives and I’m thinking “Why not?” I just added a Hogue grip sleeve and it was time for another pic, anyhow.

Some of this stuff is too nasty to chamber, so I dump it all in a grease-rag-towel, sprayed it down with CLP and rolled the contents around for a minute to de-crud it.

I headed down in the field and I stapled up a target. I knew I’d be clearing dud rounds, so I repaired to my improv folding table at the 25 yard stake. About half the R-P didn’t fire, even under the awesomeness of the PT’s ‘second strike' feature. When that was gone I turned to the Hydra Shoks and every one of them went BANG. Only hang-up occurred when some really nasty HydraShock hung in the magazine; but a smack with my off hand jarred it loose and it fed on up. This ammo was a mess but it still didn’t shoot too badly.

I figured since the gun was getting dirty anyway, I might as well try a CCI shot load in it. This was from about 12 feet and I believe it will zap a snake just fine. While the PT's shallow rifling insures it is never going to be a target pistol, it makes it a passable mini-shotgun.

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