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Back in the mid to late 80s, I found myself occasionally in bad parts of town on legitimate and necessary business. State law allowed open carry but that wasn't practical for many reasons. No such thing as a concealed carry license back then, at least not in my state. While concealed carry has never been considered a big deal here, I sure never wanted to pay a fine and maybe spend a night in jail. Between a rock and a hard place, I purchased a tiny mouse gun to carry when I had to go in the bad sections of town. I purchased a .25 acp Beretta 950 and pocket carried it. I still have it but haven't shot it in a very long time.

Here it is with a Colt Mustang, Sig P238 and Ruger LCP, all in .380:

I figure I'll still have the Beretta and pocket carry when I get old and arthritic and can't rack a slide. It has a tip up barrel that you can slip the round into.
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