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I mostly pocket carry (retired, live in toasty Texas, lotsa cargo shorts) so I have several small handguns using larger calibers ... My EDC is usually a Kahr PM9, one of the easiest-to-shoot guns I've ever owned ... have had a Kimber UCII for a while; again, compact size, 3-inch barrel, perhaps my most accurate handgun ... just got a Springfield XDs, don't have enough rounds through it yet to put into carry use, but so far it's a gem ... none of the trio has experienced even one failure of any kind (the Kahr has been in use since I got my plastic 10 years ago) ... all three are extremely accurate, not hard to shoot and are easy to conceal, tho I belt carry the Kimber ... modern handguns from quality makers IMHO are light years ahead of where they were even 10-15 years ago ...

BTW, totally disagree on accuracy issues with small 9s .. the Kahr certainly isn't as accurate as my XDm-9, but I'm consistently shooting 3-4 inch groups at 7 yards, plenty good enough for SD ...

I also own an NAA Pug. The quality of this gun is amazing, as is the accuracy at 7 yards or so ... I'm home and it's in my pocket now, loaded with Hornady's new Critical Defense rounds ... don't even know it's there, but I can have it in my hand and ready to go in just a second or two ... I love it ...

Agree with the above on j-frames; I have a Smith 637 and it's just about as light as I'd want to go for SD ... I'm going to order one of Ruger's new LCRs in .22mag; looked at the 351c but it was just too expensive for my budget ...
"If all guns were built with mechanisms that kept them from firing when held sideways, we could end gang violence." humorist Frank Fleming

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