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Most of us will not pay that kind a coin but some will . The ACRs that I've seen before the panic were all 2k plus so $3300 is high but not OMG high . My LGS had milled AKs for $1600 this week and some M&P sports with Burris red dots mounted on them for 1k . I was a little surprised at those prices . This LGS is normally the best in town . When I think about it . Nobody else has any EBRs so I guess they are still the best prices in town

Give it some time . we are starting to see them in stock and soon the prices will drop . There are still a few places like PSA that never really raised there prices . For that those places will almost exclusively get my business from this day forth . It's fuuny how some want the quick buck at the expence of there long term success . while others understand that they will make 10 times the money in the long run by being reasonable now cus we remember who charged what . I will never buy from CTD and do everything in my power never to visit there site .
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