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Just a few thoughts and updates...

I ended up with a couple of good .45 magazines; perhaps the weak link with the 24/7 and Millennium Pros in that caliber. The Mil Pros are short barreled, short-stroke autos and like all of that breed, they demand perfect mag and recoil springs.

Also, these guns are light-for-caliber and it comes as no surprise that all the recoil-related gremlins feel welcome in it. it requires a firm grip, to support the frame so the mechanism can work. I suspect the lion's share of function problems, not related to magazines, are from the lack of firm support. My wife is an experienced shooter she learned, early on, to grip a pistol like she means to hold onto it. So do I. Neither of us have had a function problem with the PT145. It is a very manageable pistol for its size, weight and caliber.

Another thing I note is a substantial, vertical 25 yard POI variance when switching loads- even of the same bullet weight. For instance, Remington UMC 230 FMJ strikes at least 4" higher than Tula, Armscor or my 225 grain reloads.

The stacked dots of the Heine Straight Eights were causing me grief. I would shoot it well and but the dots wavered, I'd toss a shot. When I blacked out the rear dot, 'shootability' improved instantly. 5 rounds of Tula 230, banged off at 25 yards-

Minor complaints aside, the PT145 is an innovative design. It is growing on me
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