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You're "young" in gun-ownership, so are looking at the glitzy guns that shoot a lot of ammo in a short time. They're also very pricey these days and ammo is pretty scarce and may be for a while.

If I were starting over, I'd strongly consider a bolt-action in .22-250 with a medium-powered variable scope (3-9X). You'll love shooting the low-recoiling, but quite impressive, flat-shooting and accurate cartridge and ammo is more readily available than for primarily semi-auto calibers.

I've had .22-250s and used them for target shooting, varmint and deer hunting. It's really amazing to take one to the range and make 5/8" groups at 200 yards, then go out woodchuck hunting and shoot them at impressive distances from different positions, including offhand, prone with bipod, and sitting. A 55 grain bullet leaving the muzzle at 3,650 is quite impressive on all kinds of targets!!! Mine won many paper-target turkey shoots too.
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